▷ Helping the Market Giants – Commentary by Dominik Bath

14.01.2022 – 19:30


Berlin (ots)

It is understandable that the flood of online orders must also lead to changes in delivery. One answer is small hubs in the city, from where, for example, cargo bikes can bring packages to the recipients on shorter routes. The parcel stations or boxes that have recently been set up more and more in Berlin by companies such as Amazon and DHL are similarly useful.

Recipients can pick up their orders there at a time of their choosing. Stressed neighbors who turn into involuntary parcel shops are a thing of the past, and the tiresome chasing after missed shipments when the recipient was not at home no longer has to be the case.

But the stations also have advantages for the corporations: if more people have their orders delivered there, it relieves the delivery staff. Cost reductions seem likely given shorter routes and more efficient delivery channels.

In view of the population density, Berlin is an attractive growth market for companies. With the first cooperations, state companies like Gewobag also become helpers for a market giant. The global US online retailer Amazon has already concluded a framework agreement with at least one of the housing construction companies for the expansion of the parcel stations.

The terms of this collaboration are unclear. But more transparency would be required, after all, the company is making space available to support the group in rolling out its business model. So it goes without saying that the national companies also allow other providers access – and thus ensure competition.

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