COVID-19: Saskatchewan Trucking Industry Confused After Feds Reverse Course on Vaccine Mandate | The Canadian News

Saskatchewan’s trucking industry joins others who may be confused after the federal government clarified that drivers crossing the Canada-US border would have to be fully vaccinated against COVID-19. The Canada Border Services Agency said a statement that appeared to reverse the course of the mandate was sent “by mistake” on Wednesday. Read more: COVID-19 Vaccines […]

Quebec minister for the elderly tells inquiry nursing homes knew how to handle COVID-19 outbreaks – Montreal | The Canadian News

Quebec’s minister for the elderly said at a forensic inquest on Friday that she was confident at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic that long-term care homes knew how to handle outbreaks. Marguerite Blais testified that she learned in mid-March 2020 that older people were at higher risk than the general population for severe illness […]

COVID-19: Lethbridge artists concerned as Omicron continues to spread – Lethbridge | The Canadian News

Performing opportunities are getting harder and harder to come by for The Chevelles and their drummer, Don Plettell. Before the COVID-19 pandemic, the band was booked every weekend. While concerts haven’t been as consistent, Plettell says they were still busy this fall under the province’s restriction waiver program. “People could come in, regular hours until […]

Truckers Call Ottawa’s Apparent Vaccination Change ‘Mishandled’ | The Canadian News

After much confusion, frustration and concern recently, Ottawa has reaffirmed that truckers will be subject to COVID-19 vaccination requirements if they want to enter the country without self-isolating. One expert says it could compromise Canada’s food safety, while Jean-Marc Picard, executive director of the Atlantic Provinces Trucking Association, calls it “another curveball for the industry.” […]

Montreal restaurant plans to reopen in defiance of COVID-19 restrictions – Montreal | The Canadian News

The manager of Kesté Pizzeria is fed up with the COVID-19 lockdown. He plans to reopen his full-service restaurant for customers on Jan. 30, despite current COVID-19 restrictions that prohibit restaurants from reopening. “Sometimes you can’t follow all the rules,” Luigi Esposito, manager of Kesté Pizzeria, told Global News. His restaurant, like many others in […]

Oil Sands Alliance to Focus on Energy Industry Sustainability, Advancing Net Zero Ambitions | The Canadian News

Canada’s largest oil sands companies have formed a new advocacy group that they say will help advance the sustainable development and operation of their industry. The Oil Sands Alliance was established on January 1 and is made up of oil sands producers Suncor Energy Inc., Cenovus Energy Inc., Imperial Energy Ltd., Canadian Natural Resources Ltd. […]

Winnipeg councilmembers call for plan to add more paramedics, ease EMS pressure – Winnipeg | The Canadian News

Winnipeg city councilors are looking at ways to increase paramedical staffing levels and ease pressure on the emergency medical services (EMS) system. Councilwoman Sherri Rollins of the Fort-Rouge East Fort Garry District introduced the motion, which was approved unanimously at Friday’s meeting of the permanent policy committee on protection, community services and parks. Rollins told […]

Saskatchewan Farmers Face Higher Fertilizer Costs: ‘It Definitely Affects Our Bottom Line’ | The Canadian News

After emerging from a drought this summer, Saskatchewan farmers now face another challenge: higher fertilizer costs. Mike Floer, who farms in Minton, Sask., said he paid almost double what he usually pays for fertilizer. “It definitely affects our bottom line. When expenses go up while income stays high, everything works. But when commodity prices are […]

NB Businesses Prepare for Another COVID-19 Forced Shutdown – New Brunswick | The Canadian News

Many New Brunswick businesses are preparing for at least 16 consecutive days without customers under the new COVID-19 restrictions. Prime Minister Blaine Higgs announced Thursday that the province will move to level 3 of the government’s winter plan, which includes mandatory closures for many service businesses such as bars, gyms and beauty salons. The changes […]

Vancouver’s Chinatown is enjoying a quiet renaissance

Breadcrumb Trail Links Travel Must-see places include the Chinatown Storytelling Center, which tells stories of early Chinese immigrants and their perseverance. Publication date: January 14, 2022 • 32 minutes ago • 3 minute read • join the conversation Visitors can stroll through winding paths and delicate foliage at the Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Classical Chinese Garden […]