Viral: 4-year-old girl who died in an inflatable castle, donates her organs and saves five lives

No one expected that little Vera’s life would end at just 4 years old, but her family decided to continue sharing the love that she exuded by donating her organs and thus being able to save five more children.

Vera was a 4-year-old girl who died on Monday after an accident she suffered while playing in an inflatable castle at the Mislata fair in Valencia. A gust of wind blew the castle into the air, killing two minors.

It was until this Tuesday when Vera’s family shared through social networks that they had decided to donate their daughter’s organs.

Through his Twitter account, it was that Vera’s father, Iván Pérez, shared a message that said: “I am 4 years old and I say goodbye to the world in a tragic and unfair way. Thank you for the strength you have given me and the love for my parents and tetes (brothers). And to the 5 little friends I help to live with my organs, be as happy as I have been. I leave you my smile so that it does not disappear ”, was the message from the father on behalf of his daughter, Vera”.

According to the first investigations of the city of Mislata in Valencia, one of the causes of the accident would have been that the inflatable castle was badly anchored. Instead of fixing it to the ground, the managers would have tied it to a lamp. In addition, those responsible for the attraction would also have fallen into negligence for not removing the children from the bouncy castle when they realized that the wind was hitting with more force.



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