‘Korea Grand Sale’ opens on the 13th, a shopping culture and tourism festival

The Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism announced on the 12th that it will hold the ‘2022 Korea Grand Sale’ for foreigners from the 13th to the 28th of next month with the Visit Korea Committee.

‘Korea Grand Sale’ is Korea’s representative shopping that has been held since 2011 based on the voluntary participation of private companies from various fields, such as aviation, accommodation, shopping, and entertainment, to promote foreign tourists’ visits in winter, which is the off-season for tourism to Korea, and to increase tourism income. It is a cultural tourism festival.

Although it is difficult for foreigners to visit Korea this year due to COVID-19, it will be held online to induce continued interest in Korea as a destination for shopping and tourism. In particular, ‘K-beauty’ is selected as a special theme to introduce popular Korean beauty products and provide various benefits.

The ‘2022 Korea Grand Sale’ will be held at 2 pm on the 13th with the ‘K-Beauty Show’. A Korean beauty experience event will be held with foreign influencers (influencers) in Korea in Myeong-dong, a symbolic place for tourism in Korea. If you visit ‘Beauty Play’, a Korean beauty experience center, you can experience Korea as an attractive shopping destination by doing Korean makeup and meeting various beauty products.

Then, at 5 pm, online celebratory performances by K-pop group ‘Tomorrow X Together’, which are very popular at home and abroad, and ‘Lachika’ of the popular TV program ‘Street Woman Fighter’, can be seen online. This performance will be broadcast live on the Visit Korea Committee YouTube channel (https://www.youtube.com/c/VisitKoreaCommittee), and at 8 pm on the M-Wave channel (https://www.youtube.com/user/OfficialMwave). will be disclosed.

During this event period, ‘K-Beauty Special Discount Exhibition’ will be held. Popular Korean beauty products are sold at discount prices through world-class e-commerce platforms such as ‘G Market Global’ and ‘Global 11st’, and real-time communication sales (live commerce) with various benefits are also conducted.

Major domestic duty-free shops, such as Lotte Duty Free, Shinsegae Duty Free, and Hyundai Department Store Duty Free, also provide reserves for each purchase amount to promote foreign consumption. About 40 small and medium-sized beauty brands in Korea also provide various benefits through the Korea Grand Sale online platform.

In a situation where movement between countries is restricted due to Corona 19, we have prepared a ‘Pre-purchase discount for Korean tourism products’ so that you can choose Korea as your top travel destination in the future. Various discounts for foreigners who purchase Korean tourism products in advance, including countries signed with the Travel Safety Zone (Travel Bubble), including ▲ airfare from overseas to Korea, ▲ up to 80% discount on accommodation, and ▲ up to 20% discount at 300 food and beverage outlets. provide benefits.

In order to alleviate the regret of not being able to visit in person due to COVID-19, we also prepared an opportunity to indirectly experience Korean shopping culture and tourism online. In order for foreigners around the world to continue their interest in Korea, we provide video lectures where you can experience and learn Korean culture, such as Korean food, Korean language, and Korean crafts, at a discounted price. A nuri magazine (webzine) containing tourism stories can also be found through the Korea Grand Sale integrated website (https://en.koreagrandsale.co.kr).

You can also go on an indirect trip to Korea with a foreign influencer in Korea. Four foreign influencers each experienced the Korea Grand Sale and safely enjoyed their trip to Korea as a vlog video and broadcasted online to the global community. Starting with the release of the video of Dave, a famous American YouTube creator, on the 14th, the 4th episode will be available through the Visit Korea Committee’s communication network.

More information about the ‘2022 Korea Grand Sale’ can be found on the integrated website of the Korea Grand Sale, and companies wishing to participate in the Korea Grand Sale must visit the company recruitment page (https://recruit.koreagrandsale.co. kr) to apply.

“As it is difficult for foreigners to visit Korea due to COVID-19, this year’s ‘Korea Grand Sale’ will be held online,” said a policy manager at the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism. We hope that by raising expectations for the event, more foreign tourists will be able to visit Korea after the end of the corona virus.”

Reporter Lee So-mi [email protected]


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