Jeollanam-do tourism slogan ‘Taste and beauty of a thousand years, Jeonnam’

Jeollanam-do tourism slogan (image_Jeonnam-do)

Jeollanam-do announced on the 12th that it has produced an official BI (Brand Identity) by selecting ‘Taste and Fashion of a Millennium, Jeonnam’ as the slogan for Jeollanam-do tourism to be used in promotional marketing for the difficult tourism industry to take another leap forward.

Jeollanam-do launched a public contest in July last year to select a slogan that well expressed ‘delicious food, a treasure trove of ecology, and Jeollanam-do full of taste and style’, which are the characteristics of Jeollanam-do tourism. In the meantime, through expert advice and design development procedures, the slogan of ‘Taste and Taste of a Millennium, Jeonnam’ was confirmed through a preference survey in which 2,321 people participated.

‘The taste and beauty of a thousand years, Jeonnam’ expresses the local food made with clean and abundant natural ingredients of Jeonnam, which has been recorded in the thousand-year history, and the unique warmth and excitement of Namdo, as well as the wonderful cultural heritage.

Jeollanam-do tourism slogan BI contains the Samtaeguk, the traditional Korean traditional Taegeuk pattern, in monochromatic blue. In addition, the green earth was symbolized as a person with lively energy, representing ‘the land of life in harmony with beauty’ and ‘clean Jeonnam’.

In order to make the font simple and intuitive to understand, the powerful gothic style, meaning a thousand-year history and tradition, and the charm contained in the attractive taste and style that emerged from the history and tradition of the South Island are expressed in a unique round style.

Jeollanam-do plans to actively use the tourism slogan BI for all promotional and marketing activities such as tourism-related publicity brochures, promotional videos, SNS contents, advertisements, and souvenirs.

An official from Jeollanam-do said, “The Jeonnam tourism slogan BI is a tourism brand with a thousand-year history and culture.

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