German airlines disappoint with ticket refunds | current tourism

The reluctance of many airlines to reimburse tickets for canceled flights has apparently continued into the second year of the pandemic. According to an evaluation by the passenger rights portal Flightright, German airlines in particular did poorly in this regard.

Lufthansa only approved 30 percent of the ticket refunds based on payment requests from Flightright for the year 2021. Things don’t look much better at the TUI Fly holiday airline with a payment rate of 34 percent. With 41 percent, Lufthansa subsidiary Eurowings paid the largest share of the receivables from the German airlines, followed by Condor (40 percent).

The situation was completely different with Europe’s large low-cost airlines. At the top of the flight light statistics is Ryanair with a share of 77 percent of the ticket refunds paid, Easyjet has a quota of 70 percent.

The behavior of the German market leader in particular met with criticism: “Lufthansa relies on outdated procedures and thus makes compensation and reimbursements more difficult. For example, originals of powers of attorney and declarations of assignment are requested, which have to be sent by post, while many other airlines have long been offering these procedures digitally, ”says passenger rights expert Claudia Brosche. This delay tactic is surprising and cast “a bad light on the largest German airline”.

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