▷ Tina Ruland about her participation in the jungle camp: “Without money I would not have left”

12.01.2022 – 09:20

Gruner + Jahr, gala

Hamburg (ots)

Crawling animals and extreme situations don’t scare her – Tina Ruland, 55, goes to the jungle camp. In the current GALA (issue 03/2022, in stores from tomorrow) the actress speaks about her motives for participating in the RTL show: “I deliberately withdrew a year after my separation in 2019, and then Corona came. In In the following time there was as little filming as never before. Let’s put it this way: Without money I would not have left, of course, I want to be honest. ”

Her sons Jahvis, 17, and Vidal, 11, are not that enthusiastic about the idea. Ruland: “I can’t be embarrassed and I can’t cry because I’m homesick.”

The biggest challenge? “Hunger! I’ve never been on a diet or anything like that in my life and I just don’t know hunger. I imagine it to be really very difficult.”

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