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Salesforce, Google, and the Boston Consulting Group Top Rated by Employees; Eleven newcomers as well as tech companies dominate the list

Glassdoor, the world leader in job and company information, has the best employer in Germany for 2022 determined. The annual award for employee satisfaction is being presented in Germany for the seventh time. In contrast to other employer seals, the Glassdoor Award is based on the voluntary and anonymous feedback from employees over the past twelve months: Employees can do one Employer evaluation submit and evaluate their job, their work environment and their employer.

The Glassdoor Employee Satisfaction Awards were presented in five countries: in Germany, the USA, Great Britain, France and Canada. The placement of the winners is based on the average overall rating of the employers within the last year (Ratings on a 5-point scale: 1.0 = very dissatisfied; 3.0 = okay; 5.0 = very satisfied).

the 10 best employers in Germany for 2022 are:

  1. Salesforce (4,7)
  2. Google (4,6)
  3. Boston Consulting Group (4,6)
  4. Mercedes-Benz International (4,5)
  5. Porsche (4,4)
  6. SAP (4,4)
  7. OTTO (4,4)
  8. Boehringer Ingelheim (4,4)
  9. Procter & Gamble (4,4)
  10. research center Julich (4,3)

“The world of work is developing rapidly, driven by the pandemic and by millions of employees who are now reassessing their expectations of employers. This year’s winners listened to feedback from their employees and responded accordingly. They have redesigned the employee experience to really put people first, “says Christian Sutherland-Wong, Chief Executive Officer of Glassdoor.” It’s inspiring to see these employers getting involved during the pandemic and such Build a corporate culture in which the employees feel supported and valued – both at work and outside of it. Congratulations to all the outstanding winners of Germany’s best employers this year. “

Salesforce makes a big leap to the top 10 The 25 best employers for 2022 include companies from very different industries that reflect important areas of everyday life today – including technology, healthcare, biotechnology and pharmaceuticals, retail, but also employers from traditional industry.

With Salesforce and Google two technology companies will be represented in the first two places in the ranking in 2022. With an average rating of 4.7 it makes Salesforce jump from 11th place straight to the top. The previous year’s winner Roche is not represented in the ranking of the top 25 employers in Germany this year. After it Google (4.6) reached second place last year as a new addition, the technology group is defending its position this year and further improving its average rating. With the Boston Consulting Group (3rd place, 4,6) and Mercedes-Benz International (4th place, 4.5) are two newcomers in the top 5. Porsche (4,4), in 2021 in 9th place and in 2020 in first place, made it back to the top positions in 5th place.

There are a lot of newcomers on the winners list in 2022. Since the introduction of the award for Germany, only 14 of the 25 companies have already received at least one award – new in the list are, for example, with Boehringer Ingelheim (8th place, 4,4) and Procter & Gamble (9th place, 4.4). With OTTO (7th place, 4.4), BSH household appliances (12th place, 4.3), Mercedes-Benz International (4th place, 4,5), and toom hardware store (Place 25, 4.2) are also four newcomers from the retail sector in the ranking. More than two thirds (68%) of the 25 best employers of the year are German companies.

Technology companies have proven themselves in the crisis The fact that technology companies are among the winners of the COVID-19 crisis is also shown by Glassdoor’s ranking with Salesforce in first place. With the two newcomers Personius (21st place, 4.2) and Cisco Systems (23rd place, 4.2), a total of 8 of the 25 companies are from the technology sector. While Google remains in second place SAP (6th place, 4,4) and Robert Bosch (11th place, 4.3) improve their rank. MHP – A Porsche Company (4,3) slips from 4th place to 16th place. Microsoft (4.2) made it to 24th place this year after not making the top 25 list in 2021.

While it was only last year Salesforce made it onto all five country lists, this year four employers from the technology sector appear in all five country rankings: Salesforce (1st place, 4.7) 1, Google (2nd place, 4.6), Microsoft (24th place, 4.2) and SAP (6th place, 4.4).

How employees can rate companies on Glassdoor Give workers: inside one Employer evaluation on Glassdoor, they are asked to state the advantages and disadvantages of working for the respective company. In addition, employees are encouraged to provide advice to management and asked how satisfied they are with the employer in general. There is also the possibility to evaluate managing directors as well as central attributes of the workplace: the career opportunities, remuneration & additional benefits, culture & values, diversity and inclusion2, the executives and the work-life balance. Employees are also asked whether they would recommend their employer to a friend and what business forecast they would give the company for the next six months.

the average overall rating the total of almost two million employers has a value of 3.7.

The winners of all countries, in which the best employers for 2022 were honored, at a glance:

methodology The best employers in Germany for 2022 are determined by Glassdoor using its own awards algorithm. The quality, quantity and consistency of the activated company reviews that were submitted by employees in Germany are taken into account. All ratings were submitted between October 20, 2020 and October 18, 2021. Employers who were analyzed for the German ranking must have received at least 20 employer reviews for all nine job attributes in the specified period, including the overall assessment of the company, career opportunities, remuneration & additional benefits, culture & values, diversity and inclusion, management, work -Life balance, recommendation and business forecast. All attributes are taken into account by the awards algorithm. In order to make the presentation clearer, the ratings have been rounded to one place after the comma. In the analysis itself, however, the information was calculated to an accuracy of one thousandth. More information about the methodology can be viewed here: https://gldr.co/awardsFAQDE

Notes to the editors For interview requests, please contact: [email protected] We are also happy to provide you with further information, the full results from other countries and specific employee reviews of the companies.

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1 Based on the ranking of the most popular employers in Germany

2 2022 is the first year in which the assessment of the diversity and inclusion of an employer is included in the best employers in Germany. Glassdoor introduced this job evaluation option in September 2020.

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