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12.01.2022 – 11:15

Diplomatic Council – Diplomatic Council

Frankfurt (ots)

Andreas Dripke, Hang Nguyen, Dr. Horst Walther, 132 pages, ISBN 978-3947818-65-5

“A future plan for Europe” is what the Diplomatic Council, a think tank with advisory status at the United Nations, calls its new book “Europe at the Crossroads”. The UN think tank writes: “The three authors Andreas Dripke, Hang Nguyen and Dr. Horst Walther show with intelligent analyzes, critical discussions and groundbreaking conclusions what needs to be done to create a future for Europe.”

The credo: Europe must and can achieve a position of strength in order not to be crushed between the superpower USA and the growth continent Asia with China as a rising world power. To do this, however, European politics must give up the lack of imagination that the authors of the book accuse it of. Dr. Horst Walther explains: “Basically, European society just wants to preserve today’s prosperity and continue its comfortable life. However, more and more people in Europe are getting the inkling that this comfort and lack of vision will lead to the decline of Europe. the future of Europe stronger active to design.”

“Europe is a role model for the world”

Europe may lag behind in technology and military strength in a global context, the authors admit. But the concepts of the Enlightenment and humanism developed in Europe are suitable as models for the world, they give cause for concern. Dr. Horst Walther explains: “Human dignity, freedom, democracy, equality, the rule of law and respect for human rights are the values ​​on which the European Union is founded. Europe has every reason to be proud of this foundation. And it would be good for the world if as many countries as possible outside of Europe would internalize this set of values. ”

The authors urge politicians and the media in the EU countries not to present “Brussels” predominantly as a problem, but to emphasize the positive aspects of the European Union just as strongly. Dr. Horst Walther: “For large parts of politics, the media and society, the European values ​​on which our everyday civil liberties are based have become so natural that it is boring to talk about them or to write about them.” The authors classify neither the pandemic nor global conflicts such as between China and the USA as the greatest threats, but rather “political indifference, historical ignorance, tolerance towards the intolerant and a lack of appreciation of the apparently self-evident civil liberties that make Europe.”

“Preserving the unique core of the European philosophy of life and developing it further is worth our resolute commitment”, say Andreas Dripke, Hang Nguyen and Dr. Horst Walther agrees.

On 132 pages, the three authors systematically analyze all of Europe’s major strengths, weaknesses, conflicts and challenges. No topic is left out, from the “Green Deal” to the digitization strategy, from the bureaucratic apparatus to the post-corona economy. The authors are not aware of any taboos: even Europe’s military options in the event of a hypothetical attack on the Old Continent are played out.

In addition, the authors dispel common prejudices in many places. For example, if you take a closer look, you can hardly keep up the fairy tale of the bureaucratic apparatus in Brussels that is bursting at the seams, the book says. The authors let the numbers speak for themselves: around 55,000 employees work in the EU institutions, almost 34,000 of them for the EU Commission. For comparison: in Germany well over 4.7 million people are employed in the public sector, around 70,000 people work in the administration of the city-state of Hamburg alone.


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