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The demography network (ddn)

Berlin (ots)

The German Demography Prize will be awarded for the third time on June 28, 2022. For the first time, live and in person, the award honors projects that solve the challenges of demographic change in a way that is particularly worthy of imitation at a festive gala in the Kulturbrauerei in Berlin. Because the effects of the changing social structure can be felt everywhere, be it in the form of the shortage of skilled workers or the increasingly difficult financing of the social security system. In its third edition, the German Demography Prize has set itself the task of making lighthouse projects visible that see these changes as opportunities and master them with innovative ideas. Digital technologies and innovative work models play just as important a role as sustainability, health, lifelong learning and diversity – topics that are reflected in the categories of the German Demography Prize 2022. The size and budget of the projects and submitters are irrelevant. Therefore, from February 1, 2022, all companies, associations, municipalities and networks are called upon to post their projects on the website www.deutscher-demografie-preis.de to submit.

“In the past two years, because of Corona, we had to forego a personal meeting with the winners, nominees, the experts of our jury, the initiators and partners. We are therefore looking forward to our first award gala in Berlin in 2022 big, “says Martina Schmeink, executive board member of Das Demographie Netzwerk eV (ddn), winner of the German Demography Prize. “With the previous awards, we have succeeded in portraying demographic change as a positive dynamic and providing a stage for those who take up these changes in society and the world of work and shape an integrative, sustainable future. We are therefore sure that we will too will succeed at this year’s award ceremony. ” In addition to ddn and ZEIT Akademie, Deutsche Bahn, ING, EY, BAHN-BKK and the nextpractice Institute support the German Demography Prize 2022 as initiators and partners.

Lifelong learning, digitization and new work – success factors in demographic management

“One of the central answers to demographic change is lifelong learning. That is why we are very pleased to be representing this category of the German Demography Award 2022 together with Deutsche Bahn,” says Birthe Kretschmer, Managing Director of the ZEIT Academy. “Particularly in the increasingly digital world of work, it is essential to continue training throughout one’s entire working life and to develop into new job profiles,” adds Corinna Vogt, Managing Director of DB Training, Learning & Consulting at Deutsche Bahn. “There are already a lot of ideas and initiatives here. Bringing these to the public so that they can serve as role models for others and encourage imitation is the core task of the German Demography Prize.”

“At the same time, digitization poses great challenges for many companies. It is important for us to present the possibilities that digital solutions open up within the range of nominated and award-winning projects. Be it through networking across generations, access to information or perspective for knowledge workers to be able to bring their potential to old age, “says Markus Heinen, Head of People Advisory Services at EY.

“Demographic change is associated with major changes in the world of work. The central question that every company asks itself: How must work be rethought in order to create an inclusive and diverse work culture in which people feel comfortable – no matter how old they are, where do they come from or what identity do they live? ” says Sebastian Harrer, Head of HR at ING Germany, who is the co-initiator of the New Work category. “It is very important to me to make visible those who are going other ways with New Work concepts. We want to encourage them to apply for the award.”

The application period starts on February 1, 2022

All companies, initiatives, municipalities and networks can apply regardless of their size and the budget of their project. The submission period starts on February 1st and ends on March 31st, 2022. In April, an independent jury of experts will first decide on the nomination. The nominees then have the opportunity to present their project in detail so that the jury can make a final decision on the winners by the award ceremony on June 28, 2022.

Further information on the award ceremony and application can be found at https://deutscher-demografie-preis.de/

About the Demographie Netzwerk eV (ddn):

The Demography Network e. V. (ddn) is a non-profit network of companies and institutions that see demographic change as an opportunity and want to actively shape it. ddn was founded in 2006 on the initiative of the Federal Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs and in the context of the New Quality of Work initiative (INQA). The members commit themselves with the claim “working together” and in collaborative cooperation. In regional and national forums, in digital and personal meetings, the network works on topics such as qualification, digitization, leadership and diversity. ddn initiates, leads and supports funding and research projects on its topics, currently the Dico, NAWID and KWW projects. Since 2020 ddn has been awarding the German Demography Prize ddp.

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