▷ FSP introduces a new 2400 W power supply unit for power-hungry IT applications

12.01.2022 – 09:01


TAIPEI, June 23 / PRNewswire /

  • Low iTHD
  • Operating temperature: 0 to 50 ° C
  • Can be used up to 5000 m above sea level
  • Overcurrent protection, overvoltage protection and overheating protection
  • Short-circuit protection for all outputs
  • Resettable shutdown
  • Mean downtime (MTBF): 100,000 hours of continuous operation at 25 ° C, 100% output load
  • Small size, 185 mm
  • 80PLUS-Platinum-certified, high power density up to 11.5 W / cm²

The FSP Group, a leading global power supply manufacturer, is reacting proactively to the increasing future demand for power-hungry IT applications, and is introducing the FSP2400-20FM, the latest version of its power supply units, which are designed for maximum power output.

The FSP2400-20FM represents the third generation of the FSP flagship product based on the CRPS industry specifications. While the previous model had 550 W more, the latest version now offers 2400 W power on demand – in the same small-format housing as its predecessor. Despite its significantly higher performance, the latest model does not require more space than its predecessor models. This saves customers significant time and money, as installing higher-performance, larger power supplies usually involves high material and labor costs.

Smart energy management for a smarter, greener future

The FSP2400-20FM not only delivers outstanding performance, but also offers useful intelligent additional functions in a space-saving housing. Such vital functions include the “Power Management Bus” (PMBus) protocol, used for power regulation and component management in systems and prescribed by industry leaders. This enables the FSP2400-20FM to communicate seamlessly and efficiently with a wide variety of third-party computer components. PMBus also enables functions such as automatic increase and decrease of the power depending on the energy requirement.

Such automation prevents system failures and data loss under a wide range of operating conditions – for example in data centers, in which short-term, cross-capacity performance boosts are often required in order to supply several hundred hard drives at once.

Other features such as system-internal firmware updates and intelligent switching on and off of the main power module to optimize system efficiency are also on board.

Performance in technological border areas

The high capacity of the FSP2400-20FM The power supply unit is predestined for use in extremely power-hungry IT applications, which will increase by leaps and bounds in the next few years. This affects sectors such as AI-powered machine learning as well as recently emerging sub-sectors such as the generation of cryptocurrencies – applications that use high-performance graphics cards with high energy requirements, which in turn require power supplies with extremely high capacity. The FSP2400-20FM perfectly meets this need.

The FSP2400-20FM belongs to the complete family of excellent CRPS products for companies of all sizes and is suitable for use in global data centers, workstations and other automation applications. With its small size, intelligent features and protocols, the next-generation compact power supply is sure to become another consumer favorite in the FSP product line.

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