▷ Despite nuclear power debate: Federal government relies on France for climate policy

12.01.2022 – 01:00

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Despite nuclear power debate: Federal government relies on France for climate policy

State Secretary for Europe Lührmann: Phasing out fossil fuels will reduce dependency on Russian gas – “Companies must not have any disadvantages through EU climate targets”

Osnabrück. Despite the differences in the EU regarding the classification of nuclear power as sustainable, the federal government is relying on close cooperation with France on climate policy. “It is clear that we cannot always agree on all issues. But where we develop a common position and align our interests, we can achieve a lot together with other countries,” said the State Secretary for Europe and Climate in Foreign Affairs Office, Anna Lührmann, in an interview with the “Neue Osnabrücker Zeitung” (NOZ). She emphasized: “I hope and count on the fact that we can use the close Franco-German cooperation to make our committed climate policy a success.” According to the Green politician, the “European climate protection package is extremely ambitious and not a sure-fire success”. The planned climate neutrality of the EU by 2050 can only be achieved if CO2 pricing, regulatory decisions, research and social compensation work together.

This could lead to difficult negotiations at the international level, for example when it comes to the so-called “marginal cost compensation”, Lührmann told the “NOZ”. In the case of marginal cost compensation, foreign companies are to be obliged to pay taxes for CO2 emissions for their goods imported into Europe as they would for products produced in Europe. “We are preparing for difficult negotiations,” said Lührmann. “Local companies that are subject to the ambitious EU climate targets must not have any disadvantages on the world market.” The Greens, however, “did not go into government because everything is easy. Getting the European Green Deal in a dry place is a major future-oriented priority of German European policy.”

Lührmann also told the “NOZ”: “A successful climate policy makes us less dependent on fossil fuels, i.e. also more independent of, for example, Russian gas supplies. The exit from the fossil energy age to renewable energy is entirely in the spirit of more European sovereignty and independence”.

With a view to the upcoming presidential elections in France and the strengthening of the right-wing extremist camp there, Lührmann told the “NOZ”: “There have been concerns about the strengthening of right-wing populist movements throughout Europe for a long time, not least because of Brexit and the former US President Donald Trump. But it has been shown that the vast majority of European societies have proven to be extremely resistant to right-wing populism. I am confident that this will also be the case in France “.

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