▷ Corona bonus for practice employees is an imperative of political responsibility

12.01.2022 – 12:39

Freie Ärzteschaft eV

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At today’s protest of the medical assistants at the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin, the chairman of the Free Medical Association (FÄ), Wieland Dietrich, explains: “We stand by our medical assistants (MFA) and their association. Their demands for more appreciation and recognition are only All too justified. This also includes a bonus payment for the additional coronavirus outlay in the practices. We doctors cannot understand why politics has so far made a difference between the professional groups when it comes to nursing bonuses and the MFA missed out. ” That has to change urgently. “For two years now, the MFA have been balancing out all political errors at the reception desks of the doctor’s surgeries – from hasty decisions on vaccination recommendations to recurring vaccine shortages and the inability to plan the availability of Covid-19 vaccines,” said Dietrich. “If we do not give in here soon, and an appropriate care bonus is paid, we run the risk that MFA will finally quit their profession and young people will look for other apprenticeships from the outset. Our society cannot and must not afford this if the outpatient, Local care with general practitioners and specialist practices should continue to function even after the pandemic has ended. ” Dietrich calls on the new federal government to live up to its responsibility and to give up its blockade of the care bonus for MFA.

About the Free Medical Association

The Free Medical Association e. V. (FÄ) is an association that represents the medical profession as a liberal profession. It was founded in 2004 and today has more than 2,000 members: mainly general practitioners and specialists as well as various networks of doctors. The chairman of the federal association is Wieland Dietrich, a dermatologist in Essen. The aim of the FÄ is an independent medicine in which the patient and doctor are the focus and medical confidentiality is maintained.

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