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It’s a fact: by using original BMW used parts, you can even save more than 10,000 EUR over the course of a car’s life. To what extent due to the disintegration due to time or an unfortunate accident damage, in the life of an automobile sooner or later the time comes when some components should be re-used. Regardless of whether it is a bumper, a door or a small but important part under the bonnet. With the aim of saving automobile owners very large amounts of money that they would spend on new auto parts, some online providers only sell used and tested original spare parts.

This is exactly what Bavaria-Car-Parts has focused on. The family-run company with more than 2 decades of BMW experience offers on its website Over 20,000 checked original articles from the Bavarian Motor Works on. Both new and used BMW spare parts for 1975 models up to the most modern motor vehicles are offered.

Especially if you are looking for “BMW spare parts Frankfurt“you have found the ideal contact in Bavaria Car Parts.

When asked how the business idea came about, company founder, motor vehicle master and former rally driver Florian Niegel explains: “We used spare parts for our private vehicles and found hardly anything satisfactory on the open market. Sometimes the product quality was not as hoped, the parts were not adequately described or incorrect. The research was therefore difficult. Lots of spare parts were not sold as accessories or only offered as expensive new parts. ”

Next leads the specialist for BMW used parts from: “Very often components are destroyed and consequently crucial resources are wasted because vehicles are scrapped instead of using the components that are still ready for a second round Proportion of people developed, we have decided to close this gap. We are giving high quality spare parts another life and that at great prices. ”

The employees of Bavaria-Car-Parts charge decently calculated product prices and personally inspect every single spare part. An online message window is available for questions and support, in which you can put your questions directly to an employee. In helpful videos, which are available directly on the website, Florian Niegel explains how BMW owners can find the right parts with the help of the vehicle registration, chassis number and key number and how they can be told apart. Furthermore, the company founder shows how the required components can be identified and found in the Bavaria-Car-Parts internet shop. Real examples highlight how worthwhile it is if you decide to buy a used, tested spare part for your BMW.

Every driver knows the ugly tension when opening the workshop invoice. Especially when using spare parts, the total amount to be paid can be too costly for some car drivers. Branded spare parts in particular are often sold for enormous amounts.

It is therefore worthwhile to consider purchasing a used and tested spare part. Thus, the value of the vehicle can be retained without having to pay a lot of cash for brand new spare parts. Depending on the spare part, up to Save 66% of the moneythat would be invested in a new original part. Instead of paying EUR 751 for a control unit for the air suspension, the outdated alternative is available for EUR 254.

In the event that a large number of auto parts need to be replaced, the is located Total amount of money saved quickly in the 4-digit range, if you decide on the used alternative.

If, for example, a BMW driver fails the power steering pump and torque converter in the same year, the costs of the repair quickly explode. The costs of the new components alone cost more than EUR 2,000. If said BMW driver nevertheless opts for used parts, the power steering pump and torque converter will cost him around 600 EUR. As a result, the owner of the BMW can save a four-digit amount this year, assuming that they deal with used spare parts.

Niegel pointedly: “We differ from the conventional used parts market in our focus on BMW brand vehicles. This gives us the necessary software and hardware, as well as the specialist knowledge required to find 100% suitable components for BMW vehicles. All of them our spare parts are stored with original BMW part numbers and can be unequivocally identified and assigned using the vehicle identification number of the customer’s vehicle. ”

On average, a car lives around 12 years. Either way, spare parts will break and have to be replaced. In the event that each of those spare parts is used instead of bought new, money can be saved in the four or even five-digit range, depending on the frequency of repairs. In addition, doing without new components is not only cheaper, but also more environmentally friendly.

More information, also on the topic “BMW spare parts Frankfurt“get on https://www.bavaria-car-parts.de/

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