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12.01.2022 – 12:29

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The COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in the business travel industry being re-set priorities. BCD Travel, the leading corporate travel company, has identified eight trends that will be important for travel managers and travelers in 2022. You are in that current report Business Travel Trends for 2022 compiled.

1. The value of business travel is changing

After a period of little or no travel, companies are rethinking the value of business travel. Employees value travel because of the opportunities that arise from personal meetings with colleagues, customers and business partners. But corporate travel programs have to be adapted to the new ways of working caused by the pandemic, among other things, in order to find the right balance between virtual and face-to-face meetings.

2. Environmentally friendly travel is gaining traction

It was not only the UN climate conference COP26 2021 that made climate change and sustainability the focus of global interest. More and more countries and non-governmental organizations (NGO) such as the International Air Transport Association (IATA) are committed to a net zero future. So the pressure is growing for everyone. Companies are addressing the issue of sustainability and travel managers are looking for ways to reduce the carbon footprint of their business travel program. Advito, the independent consulting division of BCD, can help: The calculation method GATE4 helps companies to precisely record emissions from flights, hotels, rental cars and trains.

3. New employee expectations require changed guidelines

The days of rigid employment policies for office workers are over. The transition to teleworking is changing the way how we work and travel, rapidly. Companies need to adapt their workplace policies to the needs of digital nomads and hybrid workers and integrate them firmly into their people risk management agenda.

4. People risk management goes beyond business travel

The rise in teleworking and hybrid work demands that businesses do theirs Duty of care always notice to employees when they are not in the office, and not just on business trips. Forward-thinking companies are moving from travel risk management to people risk management. They realize that it is no longer just a matter of ensuring the safety of their travelers, but of all employees, no matter where they are.

5. A wider range of risks needs to be considered

The risks associated with a global pandemic kept people preoccupied for nearly two years. When travel picks up again, it is important to be aware of other risks that travel managers and their travelers may face. These include B. Extreme weather events, terrorism, economic risks and attacks on cybersecurity. Organizations need to review their business travel risk management program to ensure the safety of their employees while on the move. The Traveler Security Program Assessment by BCD reviews the effectiveness of corporate duty of care practices and policies on today’s travel risk.

6. Basic cybersecurity is essential

Cyber ​​threats continue to grow, as are their potential impacts. Many travel managers have already recognized the importance of cybersecurity and are placing it at the fore of the partnership with their business travel provider. But they also need to protect their business and their travelers from cyber threats. The first step is to recognize this as a daily risk for the travel industry and to take responsibility. Preventive measures or measures to minimize the effects pay off more than simply reacting to incidents that have already occurred. Second: Employees are often the weak point. Hence, it is highly recommended that travelers receive adequate training and the right ones Precautions meet when they go on a business trip.

7. Globalization is decreasing

Globalization has brought many benefits over the past 20 to 30 years. Political unrest, changing consumer values ​​and costs, and supply chain problems, however, are forcing people to rethink. Companies are moving from a consolidated to a more diversified approach to delivery, production and consumption, and are looking for ways to bring their production back closer to where it is consumed. Business travel patterns could change as a result. As part of this transition, travel managers can get the best of both worlds by choosing business travel providers with global networks supported by local offices and thus providing expertise on the specific needs of employees in different markets.

8. FinTech im Fokus

One opinion poll by BCD among business travel buyers found that payment and expense are among the top issues in managing business travel. The introduction of FinTech-based solutions can help to simplify, digitize and automate payments, invoice reconciliation and invoice management for business trips. Business travelers, travel managers and finance teams can jointly benefit from the advantages of smooth, digital payment processing – from booking the trip to payment to payment reconciliation.

You can find out more about business travel trends for 2022 in full report.

In view of the new COVID variants, it is not clear when business travel will return to pre-pandemic levels. But it is high time companies start thinking about how to make their business travel programs sustainable“, so Jorge Cruz, Executive Vice President Global Sales & Marketing bei BCD Travel. “One of the key tasks of travel managers is to measure the value of business trips, demonstrate results of those trips, and show internal stakeholders that they are worthwhile. The key is not simply reducing travel expenses, but increasing the effectiveness of travel in achieving business goals.

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