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12.01.2022 – 12:56

Bavaria Party

Munich (ots)

Energy costs are becoming an existential problem for more and more citizens. For gas, for example, a comparison portal has determined a price increase of almost 69 percent compared to the previous year. And when it comes to electricity, too, Germans pay record prices – in a European comparison.

Even the European Central Bank (ECB) has taken note of these inflation drivers, which are also largely due to increased “environmental” taxes. However, the German ECB director Isabel Schnabel also sees the increased prices as an opportunity, which would help to accelerate the green energy transition.

But not only the energy costs, also the food prices have risen sharply. By about five percent compared to the previous year. According to the new Federal Minister of Agriculture, Özdemir, prices are still too low.

According to the Bavarian Party, such statements show the aloofness of the established politics. Here the dream of a better world is dreamed at the expense of the “normal people”.

The comment of the state chairman of the Bavarian party, Florian Weber, was correspondingly clear: “I really treat everyone to organic cheese from Tuscany or the hand-picked, biodynamic goji berries. But you should take note of this in Berlin is unaffordable for many. It cannot be that more and more people have to choose between eating and heating. It is high time that politicians intervene here.

It works in Italy and France too. There the energy prices are capped or other measures are taken to relieve the low-wage earners. In this country, an immediate abolition of the CO2 tax would be a step in the right direction. Because the world will continue to refuse to recover from the German being. ”

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