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12.01.2022 – 06:30

Step Forward GmbH

Freiburg (ots)

The innovative active insoles from Step Forward GmbH from Freiburg correct misaligned feet and give the wearer an upright posture. This works from the first day of wearing and solves a lot of health problems.

Physiotherapist and entrepreneur Ralf Kraft explains: “The active insole is a unique method of activating and releasing the feet. We have rethought insoles in a new and different way and combine the useful with the natural.

The expert also confirms: “This makes it possible to permanently eliminate misalignments and pain, because the cause of problems is eliminated. So you can go through life again freely and exhilarated without shackles on your feet.

Active insoles realign the statics of the entire body

Human feet are in themselves a marvel of sensitivity and statics, but they have to endure a lot of stress. In particular, everyday running on flat and hard surfaces all too often causes tension and pain in the soles of the feet.

But these are not the only complaints: too much stress on the feet affects the entire musculoskeletal system and other areas of the body. They can even cause a headache.

Therapy results from insoles that orthopedists make. These compensate for misalignments as well as possible, but this makes the feet “sluggish”. This is by no means worth striving for.

Rather, they should receive training that conditions them to cope with tough loads from below. The active insoles provide you with this training. They are constructed in such a way that they place a lifelike, but also resilient arch under the foot.

In contrast to the classic insoles, they are not based on the existing misalignment of the foot, which could be exacerbated. Rather, they encourage the foot to adopt a more natural posture. This is achieved through their physiological impulse. As a result, the statics of the entire body realigns itself.

Advantages of active insoles

The active insoles have various advantages. At a glance:

  • As a solution to foot problems, they are simple, efficient and, above all, quick, as users repeatedly report.
  • The provider grants a three-month satisfaction guarantee.
  • The price performance ratio is very good. In addition, at least the private health insurances usually cover the costs. You can also negotiate with the statutory health insurance fund if there is a medical indication.
  • The product guarantee is even ten years. They are very durable products.
  • The active insoles work with every state of health of a foot – even with major complaints.
  • They fit almost any shoe model and are also suitable for children.

Which complaints do the active insoles relieve the most?

The list of complaints is long that can be alleviated with active insoles. In any case, this includes foot, heel, knee and hip pain, as well as back pain that emanates from the feet.

Typical clinical pictures and orthopedic undesirable developments are also alleviated, such as heel spurs, flat feet, splay feet, arch feet and flat feet, hammer toes and hallux valgus. Since the musculoskeletal system affects the entire body, headaches and even gastrointestinal complaints can be significantly reduced.

Specialists and orthopedists recommend the active insoles from www.aktiv-einlagen.dewhich have a success rate of over 95%. Over 200 trained medical specialists (doctors, therapists, alternative practitioners, podiatrists, osteopaths) offer this concept in Germany alone.

Ralf Kraft emphasizes: “Active insoles activate the body’s self-regulation with a single action. Thousands have already taken this new path and been successful.

Thanks to the active insoles, I don’t even go from the dance floor anymore “

Ute Fletschinger, for example, reviews: “A year ago, when I was 52 years old, I bought these medical soles out of necessity. At that time I was on the verge of invalidity, I had severe pain in both knees and feet while walking, and it was no longer possible to climb stairs. The left heel was also inflamed.

Since I’ve been wearing the new insoles, my life has changed very positively. I even started to dance ballet and in the disco I no longer go from the dance floor, which a year ago was only possible if I had taken painkillers beforehand. My knees and feet are now completely pain-free, and climbing stairs is easy and effortless. For me it borders on a miracle.“continues the satisfied user.

Top ratings for the active insoles also from medical experts

Prof. Dr. med. Wolfgang Noack describes: “In the course of my life I developed a malformed foot. As a result of standing and walking in unsuitable footwear, the arches of the foot have sunk, so that a splayfoot and later a flatfoot was created. The vaults could be straightened up again passively by pressure, which is a good prerequisite for insoles. So I had insoles made to measure for day shoes and sports shoes. Often, however, the longitudinal arch of the foot was not straightened up enough so that the desired effect did not occur and the symptoms persisted.

The doctor continues: “Then I found out about these medical insoles. The concept of straightening the arches of the foot convinced me, and I also found the material used suitable, not only because of its longer durability, but also because it retained greater elasticity. A footprint was made and shortly afterwards I received the insoles. I was already impressed by the insert when I looked at it. The material is elastic and always returns to its original shape after exposure.

Longitudinal and transverse arches are modeled for a normal foot shape, as I would like it to be again. The restoration of the arch of the foot often led to complaints on the sole of the foot caused by pressure. So at the beginning I was only able to wear the insoles for hours. After a few weeks, however, the symptoms were gone. The foot could be brought back into the correct anatomical position without pain. Since then, walking has been comfortable again, and the foot is pain-free even in sports shoes. Pain in the knee was also reduced, because the correction of the misalignment of the feet has a positive effect on the leg axis and thus the load is again evenly distributed.“, concludes Prof. Dr. med. Wolfgang Noack his success story.

Get your free foot analysis now (excluding shipping charges) and start your healing journey today: https://www.aktiv-einlagen.de/

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