Yanolja opens the ‘Premium Pension’ category… Aim for the luxury vacation market

Yanolja Luxury PensionA new category for pool villas, ‘Premium Pension’, was opened.

Yanolja plans to select and present accommodations for customers seeking high-quality travel through the newly introduced premium pension. As the demand for lodging with an independent space has increased due to the prolonged Corona 19, about 630 popular pensions and pool villas nationwide were carefully selected based on convenience facilities and reviews. In particular, a customer survey to analyze customer preferences and perceptions of luxury pensionsUsability evaluation in progress, category nameiconIt is characterized by reflecting customer needs, such as exposure locations.

Yanolja is also running a promotion to commemorate the opening of the premium pension category. By the end of January, if you spend over 300,000 won at the premium pension, you will receive a 3-month Disney+ subscription. In addition, 3 popular accommodations are selected every week and coupons up to 10% discount are provided on a first-come, first-served basis. In addition, the first Yanolja purchase customer will receive an additional reward of up to 10,000 won.

By Son Go-eun, staff reporter [email protected]


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