The 11th KATA Executive Department “Focus on Restoring the Travel Industry Ecosystem”

The 11th KATA Executive Department was officially launched on the 11th by holding an executive inauguration workshop at Mapo Garden Hotel in Seoul. / KATA

The 11th Korea Travel Association (KATA) executive branch was officially launched.

KATA held an inauguration workshop for the 11th executive at Mapo Garden Hotel in Seoul on the 11th and announced the official launch of the executive branch. In line with the appointment of vice presidents and directors at the 30th regular general meeting (November 24, 2021), Chairman Oh Chang-hee appointed four vice presidents and 34 directors based on recommendations from various member companies and industry opinions. KATA explained that it took into consideration the travel business/company size, expertise/age years, regional and female executives’ participation, and the industry’s development potential in response to market changes.

As the vice president, Yoo-jae Jang, CEO of KCiti Travel, Hu-yeon Jung, CEO of Arum Travel Agency, Young-hoon Kim, CEO of Bunchi, and Jin-guk Kim, CEO of Hana Tour were appointed as the vice president. The term of these officers is three years until December 31, 2024. However, the term of office of the two auditors is until December 31, 2022.

Oh Chang-hee, Chairman of KATA, said, “With the newly appointed executives, we will focus on restoring the ecosystem of the travel industry that is on the verge of collapse, and we will solidify KATA’s status through communication and cooperation. I do,” he said in his inauguration speech.

The workshop consisted of a report on the appointment of executives, presentation of KATA badges, congratulatory remarks from the Director of Tourism Policy at the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, and a special lecture on ‘Creating the Future of the Travel Industry in the Post-Corona Era’.

■ KATA 11th Executive
-Chairman : Oh Chang-hee

-Vice President (4 people) : KCiti Travel CEO Jang Yoo-jae, Arum Travel Agency CEO Jung Hu-yeon, Bunchi Kim Young-hoon CEO, Hana Tour CEO Kim Jin-guk (by age)

– Executive Vice President : Baek Seung-pil

-Thanks (2 people) : Pyeong-ki Hwang, CEO of Gwangju Korea Travel Agency, and Yoo Ki-ryong, CEO of Seongwi Tourism

– Directors (34) : Chan-sik Kang, CEO of Travel Shinhwa, Bong-seon Kim, CEO of Bogun Travel Agency, Seon-chan Kim, CEO of Perseason Tour, Seong-cheol Kim, CEO of My Pack Tour, Soon-cheol Kim, CEO of Sora Travel Planning, Yong-dong Kim, CEO of Travel Marketing Service, Jung-ae Kim, CEO of Seoshin International, So-young Dam, CEO of China Airlines, Hope Travel Service Mae CEO Hyo-jeong, CEO Park Il-woo, Bumin Gaza Tour CEO Chang-woo Boo, Happy Tour Travel Agency CEO Sa Hyun-sook, Hyecho Travel Development CEO Seok Chae-eon, American travel agency Music Music CEO Ahn Geun-bae, Smile Tour CEO Oh Gwang-muk, Hoin Travel Agency CEO Wang Deok-shin CEO, James Top Tour CEO Wang Jong-bin, New Hwacheong International Travel Agency CEO Woo Young-mae, Mode Tour Network General Manager Woo Jun-yeol, Earth Tour CEO Gwi-seok Yoo, Tide Square CEO Yoon Min, SM Tour CEO Man-young Lee, Seyang Travel Agency CEO Lee Seong-gu, Blue Sea CEO Lee Yong-gi , IG Travel Group CEO Lee Jang-han, Tour Brain CEO Lee Jung-hwa, Namkyung Travel Agency CEO Lee Han-su, Blue Star CEO Jang Geon-guk, Ticket Korea CEO Yong-hoon Yong-hoon, Travel Bus CEO Lee Wan Choi, Jane DMC Korea CEO Han Han-gyu, Traveler Ki Su-il CEO, US Travel CEO Hwang Doo-yeon (Name in alphabetical order)

By Kim Seon-joo, staff reporter [email protected]

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