Ómicron is the dominant COVID variant in the world with 60% of cases

As reported the World Health Organization (WHO), the variant of COVID omicron that just two weeks ago had only been detected in 1.6% of the cases analyzed in laboratories worldwide, now occurs in 58.8% of cases, already exceeds the delta variant and thus becomes the dominant Worldwide.

The weekly epidemiological report published by the WHO showed today that of the more than 357 thousand analyzes that were carried out globally by the GISAID laboratory network in the last 30 days more than 208 thousand resulted in omicron.

The remaining 41% (147 thousand) correspond to the variant delta, which only in the previous result of a few weeks ago accounted for 96% of the cases.

The report highlights that the omicron variant has the ability to “evade immunity” since it has been detected that there is transmission between vaccinated and people who had previously overcome the disease and had developed antibodies.

In that report, WHO also emphasized that omicron is less serious compared to previous forms of COVID, but in another report also published today, the registered health risks of the variant were highlighted, qualifying them as very tall because they can produce saturation in hospitals and produce the death in vulnerable populations.

Record of infections

In the more than two years of the pandemic, the highest figure that has been registered regarding the number of infections was this January 6 with more than 2.6 million positives worldwide, but WHO recognizes that could be much higher actually, it does not include domestic evidence that has not been reported.

Since that point, the record of 2 million cases has been breaking at different times, and a peak in infections has not yet been registered even though in some of the countries most affected by the variant of the COVID omicron, such as South AfricaThey do seem to have reached that point.



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