Habeck in the daily topics: “There has to be a competition to the top”

Status: 11.01.2022 10:08 p.m.

In order to achieve the climate protection goals, Minister of Economic Affairs Habeck has called for more commitment from politics, business and citizens. In the daily topics he defended the expansion of wind power – and criticized the questioners.

Federal Minister of Economics and Climate Protection Robert Habeck has called on politicians, companies and citizens to stand up for more ambitious climate protection. “There has to be a competition to the top, a pride in participating and contributing,” said the Green politician in the daily topics. This applies to the municipalities and associations as well as to the federal states and individual politicians of the parties. “That must be the spirit in which we will work in the future.”

Habeck admitted that the expansion of wind power in particular is a socially highly controversial issue. Many are for climate protection, but there is still the attitude: “But please not with me!” That has to change. In view of the particularly strict distance rules for wind turbines in Bavaria, Habeck announced that he would very soon seek talks with Bavaria’s Minister of Economic Affairs, Hubert Aiwanger, and Prime Minister Markus Söder. It’s about finding a solution together. “And I haven’t lost confidence.”

“We are committed to freedom”

Concerns that the expansion of wind power endanger rare species and spoil the landscape, Habeck does not share. It is about two percent of the land area that is needed for the expansion of wind power. “98 percent are available to humans, bats and everyone else,” said the minister. “Sure, wind turbines can be seen from afar, they change the horizon, they change the home – that is completely undisputed.”

Habeck recalled that the Ampel coalition had committed itself to defending freedom. “And according to the judgment of the Constitutional Court, this is only possible if global warming is contained in such a way that a free life is still possible in the future. That means we are committed to freedom and work on it and fight for it.” Techniques could be developed in Germany that might then become export hits, says Habeck. “We will reinvent value chains and we will organize growth and prosperity in a climate-neutral manner.”


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