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11.01.2022 – 19:01


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Proximie, the global healthcare technology platform for digitizing operating rooms around the world, announces a partnership with Vodafone Business.

As part of Proximie’s mission to save lives by sharing the world’s best clinical practices, the new partnership will build on the existing relationship between the two companies and deliver world-class connected surgical care software with innovative technologies from Vodafone Business, including 5G, Bringing IoT and Edge Computing together.

The partnership will accelerate the rollout of Proximie’s platform as the company aims to grow faster from 2022 and improve access to digital surgical solutions for both patients and healthcare professionals. It addresses two of the most important health care challenges: delivering health services more efficiently and better educating the health care workforce – both of which are critical to clearing the current surgical backlog and improving patient outcomes.

The data on the impact of the pandemic on healthcare and the need for solutions like proximie are compelling. Current estimates suggest that 2.4 million surgeries will be lost by the end of 2021, and a report from the British Medical Association predicts that up to 80,000 doctors could be absent by 2043.

Proximie is building a global network of operating rooms connected by the world’s best clinicians to create a vision of the future where as many incisions as possible are informed through artificial intelligence and clinicians are provided with real-time diagnosis, data and analysis. Healthcare professionals can virtually enter, record, and interact with any networked operating room around the world for, expedited, and enhanced surgical mentoring, oversight, and technical expertise.

Dr. Nadine Hachach-Haram, founder and managing director of Proximie, said:

“With this latest partnership announcement, Proximie started the year 2022 with great momentum. The best connectivity is essential for the delivery of digital health services on a large scale. We are therefore very pleased about the partnership with Vodafone Business in order to use its 5G capacities and cutting-edge technologies such as edge computing.

Building on our existing relationship will accelerate the rollout of our platform in the UK and across Europe. We will be able to bring connected surgical care to a wider audience, and by sharing best clinical practice, we will continue to make an impact and ultimately save lives.

It consolidates Proximie’s position as best in class and further expands our existing leadership in the HealthTech area. We are very pleased to continue working with Vodafone Business. “

Mark Allinson, director of business development at Vodafone Business said:

“This partnership with Proximie strengthens our existing relationship and, through improved access to Vodafone’s technologies and platforms, will support the solution for networked surgical care.

The Vodafone Center for Health with Deloitte aims to provide more people with access to healthcare by increasing the number of connected solutions for patients and healthcare professionals.

We recognize the critical role technology will play in transforming healthcare, and by bringing together the expertise of Proximie and Vodafone’s capabilities, we can accelerate the innovation needed to increase efficiency and improve patient care . “

Information on proximacy

· Proximie is a global health technology platform that focuses on the digitization of operating and diagnostic rooms.

· Proximie is committed to saving lives by sharing the world’s best clinical practices. Each proximacy practice can be recorded, analyzed and used for future use to provide information on best practice.

By connecting operating rooms around the world, Proximie creates a rich, insightful data set that naturally feeds best practices into the entire healthcare ecosystem and enables globally networked surgical care.

· That of Dr. Proximie, founded by Nadine Hachach-Haram, has now performed tens of thousands of surgical interventions and is in use in over 500 hospitals in more than 50 countries.

· Proximie has contracts with more than 35 major medical device companies – with access to 90% of operating and diagnostic rooms in the UK, US and EU.

· For more information, please visit or follow n you @ProximieAR on twitter.

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