Derpart: Expansion of the app, focus on sustainability | current tourism

The further development of the “DTS Mobility Manager” app and the expansion of booking options for business travelers are among the top topics in Derpart’s business travel division in 2022. In addition, the travel agencies of Derpart Travel Service (DTS) want to increasingly address the issue of sustainability. Among other things, an integration of the CO2 information is planned for the app.

The “DTS Mobility Manager” is now being used across the board in all DTS offices and its content was also further developed in 2021. The mobile application bundles all travel information for business travelers and provides automated updates about changes in the travel plan and changes in risk situations before and during the business trip.

In order to further increase the efficiency of the DTS partners, the head office also wants to push ahead with the optimization of the automation tools.

Matthias Gürtler

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