COVID: Insurers to Cover Home Test Expenses in the US

Private medical insurance companies in the United States (EU) will be obliged starting next saturday to cover the cost of home testing for COVID-19: up to eight will pay per month for their insured.

The government of President Joe Biden announced the change on Monday, while seeks to reduce costs and facilitate diagnostic testing for COVID-19.

The new policy establishes that all Americans will be able to purchase free home tests through their insurance or present their purchase receipts for a refund, within the monthly limit per person. For example, a family of four could be reimbursed for up to 32 home tests per month.

PCR tests and rapid tests that are ordered or administered by a medical provider will continue to be fully covered by the insurer, without a limit.

Joe Biden faced criticism during the holiday season due to a shortage of home rapid tests as Americans were taking trips to meet family members and a spike in cases was reported fueled by the highly contagious omicron variant. Now, the government is taking steps to facilitate access to home tests for COVID-19, both increasing supply and reducing costs.

In the next few days, the federal government will launch a website where 500 million home rapid tests will be made available through the postal service. The government will also increase the installation of emergency test centers in the areas where the most marked spikes are reported.

Insurer-paid testing would dramatically lower costs for many Americans, and the government hopes to remove that hurdle to facilitate home tests result in a decrease in the spread of the virus that allows a faster return of children to schools and that people meet more safely.

“This is all part of our overall strategy to increase access to home tests. easy to use and free of charge“Health and Human Services Secretary Xavier Becerra said in a statement.” By requiring private health plans to cover the cost of population home tests, we increase the ability of Americans to obtain free tests whenever need them. “



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