Around 1,800 Upper Bavaria received expired Biontech vaccine

Around 1,800 people in Upper Bavaria have received an expired Biontech vaccine. This has been confirmed by Liam Klages, managing director of the operating company Tresec.

The vaccination doses were said to have been vaccinated between January 4th and 6th in the vaccination center in Ebersberg, in the Poing branch or by a mobile team. The expiry date of the cans with the batch SDEJ8 had already expired on December 31.

Operating company excludes damage

Tresec rules out any damage to health or subsequent effects. A reduced effectiveness of the vaccine with otherwise proper storage and handling is not to be expected and in similar cases has not occurred elsewhere.

The company spoke of human error and laid off two employees. They had not correctly carried out a service instruction with which the expiry date was calculated after removal from the freezer storage. In the future, the labeling and storage will be monitored even more closely and will be in close contact with the manufacturer and the authorities.

Affected people can have antibodies determined

Affected people can have their antibodies determined free of charge at the vaccination center and, if necessary, be vaccinated again. In addition, a hotline has been set up.

There had been a similar case in Cologne. According to the city’s announcement on Monday, the Paul Ehrlich Institute in Langen, Hesse, did not rule out losses in terms of effectiveness, but did not assume a complete loss of the active ingredient.

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