3 sweet Turkish desserts that go well with hot coffee

Turkey boasts a variety of desserts with a long history and tradition. This is the perfect season to enjoy hot coffee and sweet desserts. A Turkish dessert that will bring you a little happiness that flows in your mouth. The Turkish Ministry of Culture and Tourism introduces three representative sweet Turkish desserts.

Kuru Baklava / Ministry of Culture and Tourism of Turkey

Turkish Dessert, Baklava

Baklava is a pastry-type dessert with nuts in between the layers of filo dough, a thin dough like a sheet of paper. It usually consists of more than 40 layers, filled with nuts and sugar, baked in an oven, and then sprinkled with syrup to infuse the sweetness layer by layer. It is said that the Ottoman Empire developed the technology to make pills in the royal family, resulting in the present-day appearance. It boasts as many flavors and types as ‘Lokum’, but in Turkey, pistachio baklava is the most popular. Unlike regular baklava, kuru baklava, which is crisper with no syrup, and sevisli baklava, which can be enjoyed more lightly with walnuts, are representative menu items. Strud Nuriye, considered the lightest and most moist baklava, is made by pouring milk instead of syrup. Today, in Gaziantep, a city in southeastern Turkey, which is considered the capital of baklava, as many as 12 types of baklava are made, and in Istanbul there is a 190-year-old baklava specialty store, so baklava is known as the national dessert of Turkish people.

Tabuk Gösh / Ministry of Culture and Tourism of Turkey
Tabuk Gösh / Ministry of Culture and Tourism of Turkey

Chicken Breast Pudding, Tabuk Goeshu

Tabuk Goeshu, which means chicken breast in Turkish, is actually a milk pudding with white chicken breast. But the taste of chicken is barely noticeable, so if you eat it without knowing it, you won’t notice it at all. In addition to chicken breast, the chewy and creamy Tabuk Goeshu contains milk, cinnamon, and vanilla bean. Originally one of the delicacies offered only to the Ottoman sultans in the royal family, it is now a dessert that can be found in cafes and bakeries throughout the city. Place Tabuk Goeshu on a pan and bake until one side is dark caramelized to make Kazan Dibi. Kazan DB boasts a richer taste than Tabuk Goeshu.

Kestane Shekheri / Ministry of Culture and Tourism of Turkey
Kestane Shekheri / Ministry of Culture and Tourism of Turkey

Stewed Turkish Chestnuts, Kestane Shekheri

There is a saying, “Eat sweet things and talk sweet things.” The Turkish people’s love for sweet desserts is unusual. It is also common to marinate fruits and nuts in sugar or honey. Kestane Shekerry is a dessert made by boiling chestnuts in sugar, reminiscent of Korean chestnuts or stewed chestnuts. The cooking process is very similar, but the difference is that chestnuts boiled with syrup can be brought out to room temperature, cooled, and individually wrapped in parchment paper and stored individually. Kestane shekheri, coated with chocolate, is also one of the locals’ popular menu items. It offers a different sweetness and chewiness from locum, and is famous as a specialty product of Bursa, the capital of the Ottoman Empire.

By Son Go-eun, staff reporter [email protected]


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