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11.01.2022 – 17:26


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Sunday, January 23, 2022, 6 p.m.


Thuringian Forest

Old glamor and new charm

Film by Melanie Haack and Daniela Sonntag

The Thuringian Forest is a popular holiday destination – especially in winter. Snow on the slopes, mulled wine in the hut: this is not only available in the Alps.

Even in GDR times, people were looking for winter magic here. After the fall of the Wall, the holiday image got a little dusty. Now the winter sports region wants to become more modern and build on the successful years when it was the winter mecca of the east.

The small town of Lauscha is known far beyond the borders of the Thuringian Forest, especially because of its glass-blowing tradition. The Christmas tree ball is said to have been invented here as early as the middle of the 19th century. Now Lauscha is getting a new resident. Roger Parramore is a glass artist from America. He bought an old glass blower house in Lauscha. In December 2021 he and his wife will be visiting to furnish the house and blow balls in the glass blowing school.

The two Dutch Jhonny and Carola Uittenbroek have also moved to the Thuringian Forest. You have bought a small holiday park with a campsite in Gehlberg. Little by little they are renovating the GDR charm away. With lots of ideas and great energy, they want to offer holidays for everyone, including camping. It got off to a bad start during the pandemic, but the Uittenbroeks are confident that vacationers are now increasing every year.

For forester Ronny Eckhardt, winter tourism is often too much. He tries to convey the needs of nature and the timber industry to ski tourists, who are often away from the slopes and do not notice that they are cutting down the reforestation. Because the days of snow are getting less and less, the skiers come with the first flakes. But Eckhardt actually still has to pull the tree trunks out of the forest. This winter he wants to put up stop signs and explain the “forest etiquette” to skiers.

The ZDF regional studio Thuringia takes a look behind the scenes of the winter forest region. A “ZDF.reportage” about makers and long-time residents.

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