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11.01.2022 – 18:58

General newspaper Mainz

Mainz (ots)

Gerhard Trabert has no chance, but he will use it. Because the social medicine doctor that the Left is sending into the election race against the incumbent Federal President Frank-Walter Steinmeier is not only doing a lot of good. He likes to talk about it too. But when it comes to a good cause and a worthy representative like Trabert, then that is absolutely fine. He has become very well known around Wiesbaden and Mainz with his commitment to the homeless, refugees, the poor and the outcasts. Now he is finally getting the nationwide stage he deserves. For many years Trabert has been going where it hurts, painfully reminding the rest of society of its mistakes and blind spots. This reality shock, even if it only briefly flashes on the edge of Steinmeier’s re-election, can only do the political business good. Especially in the corona pandemic, in which all the loud lamenting about the suffering on the laptop often goes under the fact that millions of people outside struggle with cheap jobs that make people sick in many ways. Problem with permanent home office? You have to be able to afford that too. The only perceptible criticism of the candidacy is that there is no (younger) woman running for the left – a criticism that, in view of Trabert’s lifetime achievement, mainly falls back on those who express it. After all, after a miserable Bundestag result, the troubled left have at least agreed on a candidate to be counted. The Union hasn’t even managed that. Trabert will lose the election, but the real losers have already been identified.

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