▷ Stuttgarter Nachrichten: Commentary on vouchers for household help

11.01.2022 – 17:15

Stuttgart news

Berlin (ots)

Stuttgarter Nachrichten: Comment on vouchers for household help

The idea of ​​issuing government vouchers for domestic help has potential. Working parents with small children, single parents or caring relatives in particular need support with cleaning the apartment, with childcare or looking after those in need. Now, an hour of service in a private household in employment subject to social insurance costs around 25 to 30 euros – many households cannot or do not want to afford this. According to surveys, they are willing to illegally spend between 12 and 15 euros on it. If the state is willing to bear the remaining share for the most part, hundreds of thousands of domestic helpers could become subject to compulsory social insurance – the black market would be curbed.

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