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11.01.2022 – 20:13

POD Tech Inc.

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The Public Onchain Database – also called POD – is being introduced today to make working with metaverse data easier and more accessible. POD is a Web3 project that brings together and manages all metaverse data (metadata) in a single interface for developers, builders and users.

Because with the expansion of the metaverse, the challenges when working with data that is distributed across multiple locations also increase. In order for the metaverse to scale and for decentralized apps to work, there must be a reliable third-party data collaboration platform.

POD is the first comprehensive metadata database to meet these requirements. From collaboration tools to robots to automation, POD creates a rich data ecosystem for Metaversum and Web3 users.

The three problem areas of metadata management

Each object in the metaverse consists essentially of metadata. An address, identity, transaction, or NFT includes all forms of metadata.

Here are the top three metadata issues POD solves:

Hard to find

On-chain data is scattered in contracts on different networks. So far, contracts have not been able to obtain all data from a single common environment.

Difficult to connect with each other

Because of the non-relational storage, it is difficult to keep track of the relationship between two entities or to map entities to their metadata.

Difficult to use

Every network or app has its own method of data transfer. Therefore, data from different sources must be pre-processed before they can work at the same time.

Why we need a metadata database

In order to solve the problems of current blockchain data, POD was developed as a neutral data middleware from third-party providers, which provides important functionalities and further develops the full potential of metadata.

Benefits for data providers

  • Improved data searchability
  • Providing a system for data compliance
  • Strengthen NFT with infinite expandability

Benefits for data consumers

  • Fast access to multi-chain data
  • Simple definition of the data category
  • Data management tags

To name just a few. Thanks to robust functions and numerous advantages, POD will streamline the work with metadata for all Web3 Metaversum participants and make it more efficient.

The future

The goal of POD is to bring different parties together and build a collaborative dialogue to inspire the decentralized community. Together, POD can achieve an agreed data collaboration standard organically using a bottom-up process.

Part of POD’s vision is also to drive consensus in metadata collaboration and become a fundamental part of the Web3 data infrastructure. POD unlocks the value of blockchain data and networks and elicits completely new services from the Web3 ecosystem for data collaboration.


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