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11.01.2022 – 18:12

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Berlin (ots)

“We waited three months to get us out of here as promised, but secretly I expected something like this to happen again every day.” The testimony of a migrant from Sudan about the brutal raid by Libyan security forces last Monday speaks volumes about life in Libya, which was once popular with guest workers. Less than three months ago, Mohamed was kidnapped from the apartment he had rented with friends in the Gargaresch district.

As with the evacuation of the protest in front of the headquarters of the UN refugee agency in October, its employees did not show up. There are few critical voices from diplomats towards the Dabaiba government, because both non-governmental organizations and the United Nations fear for their visas and work permits for their employees.

The European Union is doing itself a disservice by ignoring this human catastrophe, because radical groups could soon take advantage of people’s desperation, as they did in 2014. There is a way out. The current power vacuum can be ended with massive sanctions pressure on the political parties and the planning of a robust EU election observation mission – as in 2012 and 2014. Well-planned new elections and the legalization of the status of migrants in Libya would be nothing new. It has long been only a minority of migrants who want to go to Europe from Libya. But by leaving them to the militias and only superficially engaged in Libya, the people are de facto forcing into the boats.

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