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11.01.2022 – 20:49

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Dusseldorf, Germany and New York, Jan. 23 / PRNewswire /)

Décor and retraced want to support the biggest players in the fashion industry in building transparent supply chains.

The partnership is building a supply chain traceability tool that will provide retailers and brands with visibility and transparency regarding the supply chain and the origin of the materials, including the ability to retrieve all relevant documents required to prove the origin of the fibers. These parties will create an enterprise-wide platform solution that will help those involved in the supply chain capture and gather the verified records required for risk assessment, reporting and compliance management.

Michael Cai, Director of Operations & Supply Chain at Décor, describes this as “the next evolution in supply chain management.

We see considerable potential in retraced and its platform. This partnership not only enables us to be more proactive and automated data management in our supply chain, but also to provide traceability details instantly to our brand and retail partners through a robust reporting function. What used to take days to search and consolidate documents can now be done in seconds. “

This announcement follows a successful 6 month pilot phase. retraced has integrated the most important partners in Décor’s supply chain into the company’s own platform for sustainability management and helped to digitize and automate the documentation process. In order to meet both current legal requirements and future market requirements for the transparency of the fiber supply chain, the two companies decided to scale the project to ensure that Décor’s supply chains and materials will be fully traceable.

The tool will be live and accessible worldwide in April 2022. In August 2022, Décor and its partners will be able to access all the necessary information about compliance for their supply chains.

“We started working with our brand and textile partners in 2019 and realized that companies needed a way to trace their production and find out where their products are made. Traceability is critical to understanding supply chain accountability and we always had this in mind when we built retraced, “says Peter Merkert, co-founder and CTO of retraced.” Now regulators and governments are making traceability and risk monitoring mandatory for the industry Our partnership with Décor is the perfect starting point for an enterprise-grade traceability solution that eliminates unnecessary and impractical bells and whistles and directly targets an industry-wide transparency problem and specific business compliance requirement. “

“Transparency is vital in the ever-evolving dynamics of the fashion industry. In addition to the legal requirements in the various countries to which we deliver goods, global consumers’ expectations of the way a product is made and what it is made of are increasing, “explains Michael Cai, Décor.” Responsible and transparent sourcing practices Supply chains are not trends, they are expected. For a company that sources and manufactures materials around the world, our job is to lead by example and take our supply chain partners on the journey. For Decor, it just doesn’t work It’s about regulatory compliance. It’s about being a responsible global role model “

Information about decor: Décor Global Inc. is a leading full-service apparel design and manufacturing company with 16 offices in North America, Europe and Asia. Décor offers innovative solutions for an extensive portfolio of retailers and consumer brands in the men’s, women’s and children’s ready-to-wear categories through a global network of production facilities. Specialty areas include product design, manufacturing, merchandising, and marketing. We offer consistent discipline and specialist knowledge with real-time market and operational knowledge. Décor is committed to a more sustainable future of fashion and is known for unparalleled products, an innovative supply chain, and integrity at every stage. For more information about Décor, please email [email protected]

Information about retraced: retraced offers AI-based software for sustainability and compliance management in the supply chain to help fashion and textile companies look at their sustainability goals from all angles.

The blockchain-based platform offers solutions that support companies with risk assessments and evaluations, the management of compliance data and the complete traceability of products from the bottom up and across cascades. The platform enables companies to collect information about their supply chain related to suppliers, working conditions, materials, certifications and environmental impacts and share this with relevant stakeholders and even end users. In this way, fashion and textile companies can better monitor their effects on their supply chains, work more closely with their partners in the value chain, make their processes more transparent and optimal, and increase the trust of their customers in order to be able to make more informed purchase decisions.

retraced was founded in 2019 in Düsseldorf by Lukas Pünder, Philipp Mayer and Peter Merkert with the vision of promoting change in global value chains by building a community of committed brands and transparent suppliers who are all committed to more sustainable manufacturing practices. The retraced platform gives everyone involved the opportunity to join a network to drive the systemic change necessary for a more honest and responsible fashion industry.

For more information about retraced and their plans to transform the fashion and textile industries, call Philipp Mayer on +49 177 401-1202 or send an email to [email protected]

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