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11.01.2022 – 20:00

Veeva Systems

BARCELONA, Spain, Feb. 7 / PRNewswire /

Spanish pharmaceutical company lays the foundations for personalized interactions with key animal health stakeholders

Veeva Systems (NYSE: VEEV) announced today that HIPRA, a biotech pharmaceutical company, Veeva Vault PromoMats in Spain and Veeva CRM across Europe, Latin America and Africa to build its animal health digital business strategy. HIPRA uses Veeva’s applications to effectively engage with key stakeholders around the world, including pet owners, veterinarians, food chain companies, the animal health industry, animal welfare groups and researchers.

“For our expansion into new countries, we need an agile and compliant method to deploy our field service teams quickly and to get in contact with customers effectively”, says Sergi Valls, CIO of HIPRA. “With Veeva we now have the digital basis to to scale our sales force and meet the diverse requirements of our global customers in the animal health sector. “

HIPRA is a leading pharmaceutical company developing innovative vaccines and biotechnological solutions for the prevention of diseases in humans and animals. HIPRA’s field staff look after numerous stakeholders across the various animal species, each of which requires specific products in different categories. Due to strict country-specific regulations, the sales force also manages thousands of documents for different animals, specialties and regions – from pets to farm animals.

“Animal health requires unique contact models and marketing skills. With real-time insights from a single platform with key contacts and resources, HIPRA can react quickly to changing commercial needs and enable meaningful customer approaches, “said Rohan Poole, Director of Commercial Strategy at Veeva.” We are proud to work with HIPRA and support their digital business strategy in introducing their treatments to new markets. “

As part of the multichannel Veeva CRM system, HIPRA uses Veeva CLM and Veeva CRM Approved Emailto add value to face-to-face meetings and create meaningful communication tools. With Vault PromoMats, HIPRA creates a foundation for automation and compliance throughout the content lifecycle, connects global stakeholders and improves content reuse.

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