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11.01.2022 – 14:02

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Cologne (ots)

Tim Mälzer calls for a duel again! And these top chefs have already sharpened their knives for the culinary 1 against 1: Cornelia Poletto, Haya Molcho, Viktoria Fuchs, Björn Swanson, Sven Wassmer, Alain Weissgerber and Hendrik Haase will take on the Hamburg food processor in the seventh season of “Kitchen Impossible” on. This time, the black box is not only waiting in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. While Tim Mälzer ends up in Kildare (Ireland), among others, Cornelia Poletto travels to Saltstraumen (Norway) and Hendrik Haasa to Tirana (Albania) to fight for the culinary honor. Who succeeds best in cooking the dishes perfectly under the toughest conditions and convincing a local jury? Because the opponents do not have a list of ingredients or a recipe: inside as always, they can only discover the secret of the dishes by tasting and smelling. In addition, the audience can look forward to two more special “Kitchen Impossible” episodes: A team duel and the “Best Friends Edition” for the season finale.

“I was really happy that we were able to film beyond the German-speaking borders again for the new season of ‘Kitchen Impossible’. It is well known that home is the most beautiful. But the format also means that we go on emotional voyages of discovery – in the truest sense of the word. And there is still so much great to experience out there – the competition sometimes takes a back seat. What remains are above all the impressions, the people, the snapshots of the country and its people. “, says Tim Mälzer.

Team duel against the Healthy Boy Band

Sepp Schellhorn, his son Felix Schellhorn, Philip Rachinger and Lukas Mraz will also face on March 27th. In a special edition of the cooking competition of the culinary challenge: In a team with Tim Mälzer, Sepp Schellhorn competes against the three young chefs who stir up the gourmet scene under the name “Healthy Boy Band”.

“Best Friends Edition” for the season finale

In the “Best Friends Edition” for the season finale on April 3rd. With Tim Mälzer, Tim Raue and Max Strohe, three chefs compete against each other to find out who is the best among them face to face. The special thing about it is that one person sends the other two to a location of their choice, where they are served the same dish and have to prepare it at the same time in the original kitchen. In a face-to-face duel, a jury of ten people will compare their two dishes with the original plate. Tim Mälzer and Max Strohe compete in Nuen (Netherlands), in Bruneck (Italy) there is a cooking fight Tim Raue vs. Max Strohe, Tim Mälzer and Tim Raue cook the winner in Porches (Portugal).

VOX will show nine new episodes of “Kitchen Impossible” from February 6th every Sunday at 8:15 pm. All episodes are available seven days before they are broadcast in the premium area of ​​RTL +.

The duels and travel destinations of the seventh season “Kitchen Impossible”

6.2. Tim Mälzer vs. Björn Swanson
  • Mälzer: Heidelberg, Pleiskirchen
  • Swanson: Hamburg, Frankfurt am Main
13.2.: Tim Mälzer vs. Haya Molcho
  • Mälzer: Baden (Österreich), Traunkirchen (Österreich)
  • Molcho: Mainz, Baiersbronn
20.2.: Tim Mälzer vs. Sven Wassmer
  • Mälzer: Zürich (Schweiz), Lech am Arlberg (Österreich)
  • Wassmer: Endingen am Kaiserstuhl, München
27.2.: Tim Mälzer vs. Viktoria Fuchs
6.3.: Tim Mälzer vs. Alain Weissgerber
  • Mälzer: Oggau am Neusiedler See (Österreich), Kildare (Irland)
  • Weissgerber: Megève (Frankreich), Ascoli Piceno (Italien)
13.3.: Tim Mälzer vs. Cornelia Poletto
  • Mälzer: Champfèr (Schweiz), Modena (Italien)
  • Poletto: Saltstraumen (Norwegen), Berlin
20.3.: Tim Mälzer vs. Hendrik Haase
  • Mälzer: Hayingen, Berlin
  • Haase: Hamburg, Tirana (Albanien)
27.3.: Tim Mälzer & Sepp Schellhorn vs. Felix Schellhorn, Philip Rachinger & Lukas Mraz
  • Mälzer & Sepp Schellhorn: Zürich (Schweiz), Kopenhagen (Dänemark)
  • Felix Schellhorn, Rachinger, Mraz: Frankfurt am Main, London (Großbritannien)
3.4.: Best Friends-Edition: Tim Mälzer vs. Tim Raue vs. Max Strohe
  • Tim Mälzer vs. Max Strohe: Nuenen (Niederlande)
  • Tim Raue vs. Max Strohe: Bruneck (Italien)
  • Tim Mälzer vs. Tim Raue: Porches (Portugal)

“Kitchen Impossible: The Cookbook” on the successful TV format

The best recipes, the greatest locations, the weirdest challenges, the coolest sayings – the new book on the cooking competition contains some of the most impressive encounters from seven years of “Kitchen Impossible”. Here Tim Mälzer looks back on the most wonderful and bizarre stories on the show. Whether in distant countries, the Hessian province or on the navy ship: Tim Mälzer gives everything and fails just as grandly as he wins. The book takes fans on a journey to the greatest locations and the most blatant challenges, offers facts and figures on the continents and countries visited, and serves 45 recipes. It will be published by Mosaik Verlag on February 21st.

About “Kitchen Impossible”

In the previous six seasons, the Koch Competition achieved strong market shares of up to 12.2 percent (14 to 59 years old) and 15.3 percent (14 to 49 years old). A total of up to 2.55 million viewers (aged 3 and over) watched. In 2017 and 2018 “Kitchen Impossible” was awarded the German Television Prize for “Best Factual Entertainment”. The Koch Competition was also nominated twice for the Grimme Prize (2017/2018), for the Rose d’Or (2017) and the Golden Camera (2018).

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