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11.01.2022 – 18:43


Bonn / Berlin (ots)

The chairman of the Atlantik-Brücke and former foreign minister Sigmar Gabriel (SPD) assesses the current situation in the Ukraine conflict as “dramatic”. “The situation is threatening because nobody can really calculate how far Russia is ready to go,” said Gabriel at phoenix. “I believe that the mere fact that such a military threat potential is being built up is enough to contribute to destabilization, especially in Ukraine, but also to deeper uncertainty in Europe. Perhaps that is the real goal – to create uncertainty.” Gabriel appealed to Europe to resolve its own conflicts independently in the future: “Over the past few days I have been wondering whether it will be the last time America is ready to negotiate on behalf of Europe and why we don’t actually do it ourselves, why we need American help. In the long run that will not be a solution, “said the former SPD chairman.

The demand of the Ukrainian ambassador to Germany, Andrij Melnyk, that the German government should campaign for a swift accession of Ukraine to NATO, justifies Gabriel with the security situation there: “The reason can only be that these countries obviously have the impression that that their security is being threatened, not by Germany or the USA, but by Russia. ” However, Ukraine’s membership in NATO is not even on the agenda, commented Gabriel. In this respect, the question arises for him why Russia is making this threatening gesture. Rather, Russia must be ready to take steps and withdraw its troops, demanded the ex-foreign minister. “Under the military threatening gesture of over 100,000 soldiers, Russia cannot demand that we Europeans and the Americans give in.”

Gabriel currently does not think that arms deliveries to Ukraine make sense. “As long as we are in a negotiating situation and military aggression does not really go beyond what we have unfortunately been experiencing for years in eastern Ukraine, I do not believe that arms deliveries can somehow help to relax the whole thing.” In addition, arms deliveries to crisis areas are excluded under German law. The federal government is therefore not allowed to deliver weapons into an area of ​​tension and is thus behaving “in accordance with the law”.

You can see the whole interview here: https://youtu.be/uM7OQ-AHoIY

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