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11.01.2022 – 14:31

Green Planet Energy

Hamburg (ots)

Federal Minister of Economics Robert Habeck (Greens) presented his energy transition program for the current legislature today as part of an “opening balance sheet for climate protection”. Among other things, he wants to significantly expand the expansion of wind power and solar systems, accelerate approval procedures and make more space available for the expansion of green electricity. At the presentation, Habeck placed a special focus on increasing the involvement of citizens. Marcel Keiffenheim, Head of Politics and Communication at the eco-energy cooperative Green Planet Energy, comments:

“Minister Habeck would do well to take possible resistance and conflicts with local residents seriously and to involve citizens more closely in order to win them over to the energy transition turbo outlined by him. However, it depends on functioning, concrete measures, such as you can really take the people with you. Unfortunately, apart from declarations of intent, the minister was somewhat vague today.

Concrete concepts already exist – and they should definitely be used. For example, an accelerated phase-out of coal opens up a huge opportunity: Former lignite mines are ideally suited for the often much less conflictive expansion of large wind and solar parks. The coalition agreement announces a foundation that will take care of the former opencast mining areas. We propose that this foundation should quickly allocate the brown coal areas to renewable energy projects – primarily community energy on site. This not only strengthens the added value in the region, but also the valueestimate of renewables! So-called “Energy Sharing”, that is, the sharing of jointly produced green electricity between the members of renewable communities, is an important door opener to greater acceptance and participation. But it is precisely with this type of decentralized and citizen-oriented energy transition that Germany is lagging behind other European countries; there are still legal hurdles and a lack of incentives. Here, too, Habeck has to make improvements if he wants to breathe life into his ambitious plans and better involvement of citizens. ”

Note to editors: Green Planet Energy has already had concept papers and studies drawn up for the proposals mentioned in the past:

You can find out more about the expansion of renewables on lignite areas at https://ots.de/sbMkNc

Further information on the subject of “Energy Sharing” is available at https://ots.de/uZZlI2 ready for retrieval.

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