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11.01.2022 – 14:37

Conference on the Future of Europe

Hamburg (ots)

KW 2: Renew Europe and discussions on European development

Renew Europe – European Committee of the Regions

Each region in Europe faces its own challenges. The group Renew Europe in the European Committee of the Regions wants to be part of the “Conference on the Future of Europe“to counter this problem. The aim: to bring the local and regional authorities together with the citizens in order to discuss the most important problems in their place and to develop solutions at regional and European level. “Renew Europe” is the name of the successor organization to the Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe (ALDE) in the European Committee of the Regions (CoR).

The mutual exchange takes place on January 13th from 6pm to 8.30pm instead of. In the first part, the President of Renew Europe, François Decoster, welcomes all participants and explains the exact details Running of the event online via the Interactio platform, which is used for online conferences. In the second step, the individual dialogues between the citizens and the authorities take place either online or in person. In this phase everyone should present their opinion on which issues the European Union should and should not be responsible for. For the final meeting, all participants will come together again online from 7.45 p.m. to determine the results of the day.

Europeans from twelve regions will take part in the event: France (Autun, St. Omer and Chambon-Feugerolles – Loire department), Romania (Bucharest), Netherlands (The Hague), Spain (Andalusia and Cantabria), Greece (Alimos) , Sweden (Västernorrland), Ireland (County Carlow), Estonia (Järva) and Finland (Oulu). Following the event, all the proposals and conclusions of the “Conference on the Future of Europe” presented and converted into concrete recommendations.

Online debates on the future of Europe

the “Conference on the Future of Europe” has set itself the goal of inviting citizens to a dialogue on the most important priorities of European development. Some of the discussions take place on the Conference platform instead of. One of the most talked about topics is that Migration policy. The latest voices plead for more consideration and open treatment of migrants. The question of immigration should be resolved at the European level and with more compassion. In addition, it is advisable to seek a joint exchange with the non-European countries of origin. Also for Climate change and the environment there are new posts. Among other things, it will be discussed how CO2 neutrality can be achieved and which decisions could accelerate this process.

KW 1: Citizens’ forums in Berlin and Warsaw

Where is Europe headed? – Citizens’ forum in Berlin

The year 2022 starts right away with an event by “Conference on the Future of Europe”. In which Europe do we want to live in the future? This is the question that concerns the participants of the “National Citizens Forum” in Berlin. Among other things, it is about a sustainable economy, society, digitization and the role of the EU in the world.

The event is already following 456 interested citizens (as of January 6). The participants have set themselves the goal of working together to develop specific recommendations for action. By competing ideas, they make an important contribution to building a strong Europe. The next meeting on January 8th will take place online in five smaller rounds of 20 people each. On January 15 and 16, the discussion in the plenary will continue virtually. The event is organized by the Federal Foreign Office with the help of ifok GmbH.

Future of the Climate – Citizens’ Forum in Warsaw

On the other hand, topics such as climate change, the environment and health are the focus of the 3rd European Citizens Forum in Warsaw. The event will take place from January 7th to 9th in hybrid form: The official opening with plenary session can be held on Friday, January 7th, from 9:15 here track online. In the first two days, the participants will deal with the following topics in smaller groups: the effects of climate change and challenges for the European Union in environmental and health issues. Thus, two of the total nine important core topics addressed. This is to help develop new EU goals and strategies for agriculture, mobility, energy, research, health and prevention.

The forum is part of the series of total four European citizens’ forumswhere the future of the European Union is discussed. The starting point for the Forum Warsaw were two previous meetings that took place in Strasbourg at the beginning of October and online in the second half of November.

The results of the 3rd forum in Warsaw will be presented in the final Plenary session digitally presented online on January 9th from 10 a.m. The broadcast is freely accessible to all interested parties. here it goes to accreditation for press teams.

KW 1: European Citizens’ Forums – next exchange in Warsaw

In the Conference on the future of Europe starts in 2022 in various ways. There are several dates for the in January European citizens’ forums on. What’s it all about?

From the 27 member states, 200 European citizens will be selected at random to take part in the four forums. Selection criteria are geographical origin (city / country and nationality), gender, age, socio-economic background and level of education. The composition of the participants in the forums should reflect the diversity of the EU, so that at least one or one from each member state is represented at each forum. A third of the participants in each forum are young Europeans aged 16-25.

Are the forums public? – The plenary sessions are streamed live. The documents related to the debates and deliberations will be online made publicly available. What is discussed in the individual working groups is not broadcast publicly so that a free discussion can arise among the participants. here there are the most important questions and answers about the European citizens’ forums.

Current notice: The 3rd forum “Climate Change, Environment / Health – Session 3” in Warsaw from January 7th to 9th. The event is planned in attendance, an agenda will be published on the website shortly.

What was going on at the conference on the future of Europe in the past few weeks? Click here for the blog posts from December and November.

In which Europe do we want to live in the future? – With the Conference on the future of Europe the European Parliament, the Council and the European Commission offer you the opportunity to participate in order to jointly discuss Europe’s challenges and priorities. The FuturEU team publishes the latest news and well-founded explanatory pieces in multimedia formats for your reporting about the conference. This background knowledge prepares the participating Europeans well for the conference in order to help shape the future of Europe. #TheFutureIsYours

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