Coronavirus in the US: Lots of infections, lack of tests

As of: 12/29/2021 4:09 a.m.

The health authorities in the USA report around half a million new infections within a day – not least because of Omikron. However, corona tests are rare in many places. President Biden is criticized for this.

In the USA, the number of new corona infections continues to rise rapidly and has reached new highs. For Monday, the CDC health authority announced more than 440,000 new cases in one day – the highest reported daily value since the pandemic began. Due to the holidays, however, the data could be inaccurate because late registrations are likely to have occurred after Christmas. The data also vary significantly – the “New York Times” reported even more than 500,000 new infections in the US for the day.

States such as New York, New Jersey, Illinois and Maryland as well as the capital Washington had daily record values ​​for new corona infections in the past few days – the curve is steep, sometimes almost vertically upwards.

The Omikron variant now dominates the infection process in the USA. Even though the CDC recently revised its estimates of the spread of the new variant downwards, the proportion of the variant in new infections has increased significantly since the beginning of December.

Criticism of Biden because of a lack of test capacities

In view of this development, the demand for corona tests is great – but they are rare in many places. US President Joe Biden has been criticized for this. He had recently admitted mistakes and said the current situation was not right – the government should have dealt with the procurement of tests sooner. But now she has made “some progress,” he said on Tuesday when asked in Delaware, where he is spending time with his family.

In the USA, there is a lack of self-tests for personal use – they are sold out in numerous pharmacies. But even those who want to use a free test offer from the authorities often have to queue for a long time. Private providers offer tests for expensive money – and even there there are sometimes no more short-term appointments.

Biden had promised that half a billion free corona tests would be available from January. People in the country should be able to request this online, for example. However, the fact that hardly any tests were available over the holidays caused a lot of resentment.

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