Where would you like to visit in the new year?

Bangkok No. 1 in Travel Restrictions Easing Movement
Popular in Goa, Bali, Cebu, Pattaya, and Jeju
Prefer nature, such as mountains and sea, to cities

Travelers are looking for new experiences to celebrate their 2022 departure. According to data from Agoda, a digital travel platform, the popularity of famous big cities is still there, but the selection of ‘outside’ destinations such as secluded nature and beaches was analyzed as the main trend for New Year’s travel this year.

Wat Arun scenery in Bangkok / Travel newspaper CB

With Bangkok returning to Thailand’s No. 1 travel destination, the capitals of each country in Asia stood out as the most popular New Year’s travel destinations, and world-class beaches such as Goa, Indonesia, Cebu, Philippines, Pattaya, Thailand, Jeju Island, and Penang, Malaysia also ranked on the list. . According to Agoda data, a number of travel destinations from many countries appeared in the top 10 this year, among them Batam, Indonesia (10th), Andaman and Nicobarje, India (7th), and Kenting, Taiwan (10th). this was included In addition, green mountains and outstanding natural scenery such as Khaokor, Thailand (9th), Bohol, Philippines (8th), and Ninh Binh, Vietnam (10th) also gained popularity. In Vietnam, Sapa and Dalat overtook Hanoi to enter the top three.

Travelers tend to take care of themselves amid repeated lockdown measures due to the corona virus. According to agoda data, the preference for 4-5 star hotels has increased even more. Taiwanese and Thai travelers upgraded their New Year’s accommodation from 1-3.5-star to 4-5-star, while tourists from Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Korea and Vietnam welcomed the new year. It was found that they consistently choose 4-5 star accommodations to commemorate them. In India, following 2020, 1~3.5 star hotels maintained their popularity this year.

Timothy Hughes, Vice President, Corporate Development, Agoda “Agoda data shows that while travelers from Asia are also looking for big cities or traditional holiday destinations, there is also a persistent desire to escape the restrictions and controls of cities impacted by the coronavirus.”

According to Timothy Hugh, vice president of corporate development, ‘staycation’ in the city is booming. Likewise, Asia’s beaches, stunning scenery, and the freedom of open spaces draw people to the beaches and mountains. In Vietnam, Hanoi was pushed out of the top three by Sapa, while in Malaysia Kuching replaced Langkawi in third place and in the Philippines, Boracay rose to second place.

It was also found that consumers want luxury travel. While there are many best 4-5 star luxury hotel deals that can be booked during the recovery period, Agoda data shows that travelers from Taiwan and Thailand are booking higher-star hotels compared to last year. It is analyzed that this is a phenomenon that is also seen by tourists from Indonesia, Malaysia, Korea and Vietnam who want to finish the difficult 2021 in a luxurious way.

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