Violence in the US: More than 20,000 gun victims

Status: 12/28/2021 9:10 a.m.

In Denver, a man shot four people before he was killed. The incident symbolizes increasing gun violence in the United States. This year alone, more than 20,000 people were killed – suicides not included.

The number of people killed by firearms continues to rise in the United States. According to calculations by the journalists of “The Trace”, 20,329 people were shot this year, 846 more than in 2020. This only includes the victims of murders, negligent homicides and accidents. The statistics do not include suicides with firearms – there were more than 23,000 of them this year.

Dead in gunfire in Denver

An incident involving deaths was also reported today. In the greater Denver area, an armed man shot and killed four people before being killed by police. At least one police officer was injured.

The metropolitan areas are the centers of gun violence in the United States. In Philadelphia, with a population of around 1.5 million, a negative record from 1990 was broken that year – the city on the east coast recorded at least 535 homicides, exceeding the then figure of 500 homicides. Activists against gun violence also attribute this to the corona pandemic. The housing shortage, poverty and limited medical and social assistance have exacerbated the situation, accuses the non-governmental organization Mothers in Charge, which helps relatives of victims of violence.

At least 211 homicides have been recorded in the capital, Washington DC, but medium-sized cities like Albuquerque also list at least 100 homicides.

Biden calls for stricter laws

US President Joe Biden has called on Congress to introduce stricter gun control laws on several occasions. The venture was “frustrating”, complained Biden recently on the ninth anniversary of the rampage in a school in Newtown, Connecticut, in which a 20-year-old shot 26 people in December 2012.

Civil rights groups also criticize the fact that the police do not have a good reputation, especially among minorities, and are therefore not involved in disputes.

14-year-old killed while shopping

Shortly before Christmas, the death of a 14-year-old by a police bullet in Los Angeles caused horror. Valentina Orellana-Peralta was fatally hit by a ricochet in a locker room. Police officers shot a man in the department store who had hit people with a heavy bicycle lock. Police chief Michel Moore has since announced a comprehensive investigation.

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