Sustainable Philippines travel, captured in video!

Awarded at the UNWTO Tourism Video Contest
‘The impact of tourism on society’ is well received

The Philippine Ministry of Tourism announced on the 10th that ‘Have A Safe Trip, Pinas’, a promotional video for Philippine safe travel, was awarded in the Asia Pacific region section of the tourism promotion video contest hosted by UNWTO / Ministry of Tourism, Philippines

A video of sustainable travel in the Philippines has been recognized by the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO).

The Philippine Ministry of Tourism announced on the 10th that it had been awarded in the category of ‘Special Story of Sustainable Tourism’ in the Asia Pacific Tourism Promotion Video Contest hosted by UNWTO. The award-winning safety travel promotional video ‘Have A Safe Trip, Pinas’ was released by the Philippine Ministry of Tourism in November 2020. contains a message. Travel industry officials who have recovered their jobs as well as the safe daily life of the residents appeared, and were evaluated for outstandingly demonstrating the positive impact of the tourism industry on society through the creation of humane and equal opportunities.

Philippine Tourism Minister Bernadet Romulo Puyat said, “This award is a good example of how the travel industry is contributing to job creation in the local area while reminding us of safe travel in the Philippines.” The safety travel video of the Ministry of Tourism of the Philippines can be found on the official YouTube channel of the Ministry of Tourism.

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