Omicron variant: EU reduces prevalence rate after data review

The United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention on Tuesday lowered the prevalence rate of the variant of the omicron coronavirus in the country with respect to other, like the delta.

In updated data on its website this Tuesday, the CDC points out that in the week of December 19 to 25, infections by omicron accounted for 58.6 percent, but cut the estimate from the previous week, in which they now point out that omicron was responsible for 22.5 percent of the new infections.

The percentage of prevalence of omicron in the week of December 12 to 18 it had stood at 73.2%, for which they corrected this estimate by more than fifty points.

That week, with the updated data, 77% of the remaining infections were infections caused by the delta variant, and only 0.5% resulted from variants other than omicron and delta.

In any case the trend is upwards and verifies that omicron is gaining more and more ground as shown in the week after -19 to December 25-, when it became 58.6% of infections, compared to 41.1% of delta.

COVID infections in the United States have accelerated and increased by 66% in the last week, which also saw an increase in deaths from the pandemic of 18 percent.



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