Korean Air to digitize 23 types of documents

Korean Air recently introduced an electronic document system (e-Document System, hereinafter e-DOC) and switched to full digitization of 23 types of documents that customers must fill out. This e-DOC application is the first in the world for airlines.

Accordingly, Korean Air customers can use digital devices such as smartphones and tablet PCs to fill out various documents, such as ▲ pet transport pledge, ▲ unaccompanied minor transport application, and health status pledge, at any time and anywhere using digital devices such as smartphones and tablet PCs. done. In addition, reservation information is automatically reflected, reducing the amount of content that customers have to fill out, and customer convenience has been further improved, such as automatically updating the contact information and e-mail recorded in the e-DOC to SKYPASS.

Korean Air’s introduction of an electronic document system made it possible to process documents quickly / Korean Air

In particular, with the introduction of e-DOC, documents created by customers with digital devices are stored in a secure server. In each branch at home and abroad, document information stored in the safety server can be viewed in real time with a dedicated terminal. In other words, it is possible to process customer tasks quickly, which means that customers’ waiting time is greatly reduced. In addition, because documents are automatically stored and destroyed on a secure server, the protection of personal information is further strengthened.

Lee Seung-beom, vice president of Korean Air’s customer service division, said, “The full-scale application of e-DOC is the result of Korean Air’s efforts to improve customer-centered services that it has accumulated as a global airline. We plan to focus on raising the

By Son Go-eun, staff reporter [email protected]


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