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Onda, Suncheon Pet Hotel & Resort Operation and Sales Manager
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Onda, a B2B startup, and The Pet Partners signed a business agreement to improve the culture of lodging with companion animals / Onda

On the 27th, lodging B2B startup Onda announced that it had signed an MOU with The Pet Partners to launch a joint brand Pet-Friendly. Through this MOU, the two companies will improve the pet housing and travel accommodation culture that will captivate the pet family.

First of all, with this MOU with Onda, The Pet Partners will be in charge of online operation and sales of guest rooms at the ‘Suncheon Pet Hotel & Resort’ scheduled to be established early next year. We are advancing the accommodation SaaS (Software as a Service) technology that can link sales channels connected with Onda’s Hotel Accommodation Management System (PMS) and leading OTAs at home and abroad, and we will continue to develop various accommodations with companion animals and joint projects called ‘Petcance’. will be promoted

The Pet Partners is a comprehensive real estate development company specializing in pets with a consistent system from real estate planning to implementation, design, sale, construction, operation and maintenance, aiming for a happy residential culture that allows you to live with companion animals and a culture of accomodation with travel. The Pet Partners CEO Kim Deok-gi has been conducting joint consulting on the pet symbiosis housing development project with the Dog Housing Research Institute since 2017, and signed an exclusive license business partnership with ANIMAN, a Japanese pet housing company, attracting attention.

Currently, in addition to the ‘Suncheon Pet Hotel & Resort’ establishment project, the two companies Yeosu Pet Symbiosis Housing Project Busan Jeonpo-dong and Daegu Sangin-dong Pet Officetel We are conducting a pet-friendly space development project for safe and comfortable living with companion animals, such as living accommodations in Seorak-dong, Gangwon-do.

Oh Hyun-seok, CEO of Onda, said, “Onda is leading the digital transformation of the hotel sector by providing D2C services through the operation and sale of hotels and entering Google Hotels. Together with The Pet Partners, we will contribute to building a lodging culture where companion animals and users can enjoy comfortable and pleasant travel.”

By Son Go-eun, staff reporter [email protected]

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