Expanded the market for tourism souvenirs by collaborating with private companies

Attempts to pioneer a market for excellent tourism souvenirs in collaboration with private companies are leading to meaningful results.

The Korea Tourism Organization announced on the 28th that through active collaboration with domestic companies, it discovered the distributors of 12 award-winning works in the souvenir category of the ‘2021 Korea Tourism Contest’ and launched collaborative products. In the meantime, the contest winners have had a hard time finding a market after winning, but the situation has worsened due to the prolonged Corona 19. The Tourism Organization said, “We tried to solve this problem by supporting collaboration with private companies as well as education, consulting, and crowdfunding. It has been successful,” he said.

According to the Korea Tourism Organization, ▲ ‘Chuncheon Potato Bread (Presidential Prize)’ is a companion animal life style design brand, Barrels, to produce a companion animal toy in the shape of a potato bread character and will be introduced in January next year. ▲’Chess souvenir using Gyeongju cultural assets (Prime Minister’s Award)’ produced a limited edition case chess souvenir in collaboration with Pelican Korea, a hard case brand. ▲ ‘Dalban, a wireless charger for mother-of-pearl (Korea Tourism Organization)’, which recently became a hot topic due to a sell-out, is provided in all rooms of Gyeongwonjae Ambassador Incheon, a five-star hanok hotel, to welcome guests. ▲ ‘Minister’s Song Stout (President’s Award)’, a beer from the Namhae region, will enter GS25 convenience stores in Namhae, Busan, Ulsan, and Gyeongnam in collaboration with GS Retail to welcome tourists from January next year. ▲’Sancheon Fish Mosquito Incense Holder (President’s Award)’ launched a collaborative product with Jeju Samdasoo from November to December, and held a gift event with The North Face. ▲’Bukseong-ro Tool Bread (Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism Award)’ is conducting a campaign to donate undernourished children together with Stanley Junior, a children’s parish brand. ▲ ‘Gourd Gooseberry Makgeolli Glass (President’s Award)’ launched a makgeolli glass in collaboration with Seoul Jangsu Makgeolli on the 16th.

Exploring overseas markets is also notable. In November, the Hong Kong branch of the Tourism Organization placed 8 award-winning works on the ‘HKTV Mall’, the largest local distribution platform in the country, and sold 11 winning works from past competitions at the Incheon International Airport duty-free shop operated by the center in cooperation with the Small and Medium Business Distribution Center since last November. are doing From next year, it plans to display the winning works at the Korean Cultural Center located in major overseas cities to inform locals about the charm of Korean tourism souvenirs.

By Kim Seon-joo, staff reporter [email protected]


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