COVID: United States Reduces Quarantine Days

United States authorities They reduced the recommended quarantine time this Monday for people who have COVID-19, in the midst of an explosion of infections due to the advance of the omicron variant.

Isolation is reduced 10 to 5 days for asymptomatic cases and from 14 to 5 for unvaccinated contacts of infected people, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reported.

In a statement, the country’s main health agency also recommended that they wear face masks for 5 days after quarantine, while contacts who are vaccinated do not need to self-isolate.

Most infections occur in the two days before or three after symptoms start, he explained.

The omicron variant, much more contagious but which seems to cause less severe symptoms, is the majority in the United States.

83% increase in COVID cases in 14 days

According to the New York Times, the country recorded 214 thousand 499 new cases on Sunday, which is equivalent to an 83% increase in 14 days, and is close to the daily record of 251,232 positive cases reached in January 2021.

The average daily number of deaths also increased slightly in 14 days (by 3%) with 1,328 deaths in the most mourning country in the world (more than 800,000 deaths).

The sharp increase in positive cases forced airlines in recent days to cancel thousands of flights around the world in the middle of the Christmas season.

Ómicron shouldn’t cause panic: Joe Biden

“Omicron is a source of concern, but it should not be a source of panic,” Biden said Monday.

The massive vaccination and screening campaign will lessen the spread of the identified variant in South Africa in November, he estimated.

“As there have been so many vaccinations and reinforcements, we are not seeing hospitalizations increase that much “ as before, Biden said, when 72% of the American population has received at least one dose.

He acknowledged, however, that some hospitals were “overwhelmed, in terms of equipment and personnel” due to a rise in hospitalizations, many of them of unvaccinated people.

He also said that the amount of tests is insufficient compared to the number of Americans who want to get one to spend the holidays as a family.

“There is work to be done,” he confessed, although he specified that there is an increase in places to take tests and the federal government is distributing 500 million tests to take them at home.



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