COVID: Sputnik V is highly effective against omicron variant, says Putin

Sputnik V, the Russian vaccine against the coronavirus COVID-19, is highly effective against the omicron variant; This is how the president of Russia Vladimir Putin.

From St. Petersburg, during an informal summit of the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS), Putin said:

“I spoke with the director of the Institute gamelea (Alexandr Ginzburg), they have done research and established that the Sputnik V completely neutralizes the new variant omicron.

Furthermore, Putin added that “the Sputnik V guarantees about 90% protection “against omicron.

For her part, Anna Popova, Russian health chief, declared that the new omicron variant is already dominant in several countries around the world and rapidly displaces the delta.

However, he claimed that this not happening in russia yet, “where from the beginning very solid obstacles were placed” for the entry of the strain to the national territory.

Popova noted that Russia helps other countries to improve sequencing processes and expressed willingness to “share these capabilities, do this work for colleagues from other countries.”

“Now we do that for our colleagues from Belarus, our colleagues from Armenia, and we are ready to propose these possibilities to everyone, to prevent the emergence of these viruses and their further development,” he added.

In addition, it offered assistance in the creation, construction, equipping and training of the personnel of scientific centers and high-level laboratories specialized in biosafety and research programs.

Popova warned that, although he wanted to see an early end to the pandemic, “no illusions”.

“For now, let’s get ready to stop its expansion and protect the people, immunizing them against the new variant,” he said.



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