Corona bonus: 100 euros more for France’s intensive care nurse

As of: 12/28/2021 4:31 p.m.

In view of the corona loads in the intensive care units, France wants to improve the conditions for the nurses working there. In a first step, they should receive a monthly bonus of 100 euros from January.

France wants to pay nurses in the intensive care units of hospitals a monthly bonus of 100 euros from January. This was announced by Prime Minister Jean Castex after visiting a hospital in Créteil. The bonus will be paid as early as January and is a contribution to the recognition of the harsh working conditions in the times of Corona.

“It’s not just about moral, but also material support for the government,” said Castex. Around 24,000 carers nationwide would benefit from the wage increase.

In the coming week, Health Minister Olivier Veran also wants to present a comprehensive package of measures for the care industry. One of the goals is to counteract the shortage of staff. In view of the corona crisis, intensive care personnel are needed more urgently than ever, Castex said.

Self-tests no longer just in pharmacies

In addition, the government decreed that corona self-tests may also be temporarily sold outside of pharmacies, which was previously not possible.

In France, the number of daily new corona infections exceeded the threshold of 100,000 for the first time on Saturday. The country is already experiencing the fifth corona wave, the much more contagious omicron variant is spreading like in many European countries.

New rules from January 3rd

Prime Minister Castex spoke of a “race against time” after a government crisis meeting on Monday evening and announced new restrictions. According to the cabinet decisions, companies should be instructed to send their employees to the home office at least three days a week from January 3, if possible. Where possible, it should be at least four days.

The government also decided to introduce new restrictions on gastronomy: From January 3rd, guests may only be served at tables in bars and cafes. The customers are then no longer allowed to consume their drinks and food while standing. According to Castex, the measures should initially apply for three weeks.

As a further measure, upper limits are being reintroduced for sporting events and concerts in France: In future, 5,000 spectators will be allowed outside, while the limit will be 2,000 guests indoors.

The government also initiated the previously announced conversion of the health passport into a vaccination passport. This corresponds to the German 2G rule. If parliament approves the draft law, unvaccinated people will be excluded from public life in the future.

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