Average age in cities and districts: Heidelberg is Germany’s “youngster”

Status: December 28, 2021 2:32 p.m.

If you look at the cities and districts in Germany, Heidelberg just about earned the title of the youngest inhabitants on average. The “oldest” city can be found in Thuringia.

The Thuringian State Office for Statistics has evaluated the average age of the residents in German cities and districts. The result: the Baden-Württemberg district of Heidelberg is home to the youngest residents nationwide.

On average, the population there is 40.7 years old. The figures are based on information from the federal and state statistical offices. Heidelberg just barely made it to the top ahead of Freiburg and Offenbach with an average age of 40.8 years for their citizens. This is followed by Frankfurt am Main with 40.9 years, Cloppenburg and Darmstadt each with 41 years, in Vechta the average is 41.1 years and in Münster the value is 41.4 years.

Highest average age in Suhl

This means that all of these cities and districts are above the nationwide average age of 44.6 years. The “senior” in Germany is the independent Thuringian city of Suhl. The residents living here have an average age of 51 years.

East is older than South and West

If you look at the federal states, you will find the regions with a younger average age, especially in the south and west. In contrast, many regions in the eastern German states have a high average. These include Dessau-Roßlau in Saxony-Anhalt with 50.6 years, Altenburger Land in Thuringia with 50.5 years and the district of Mansfeld-Südharz, also in Saxony-Anhalt, with 50.3 years. The youngest population in eastern Germany lives in Leipzig with an average of 42.3 years.


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