2021 Summary: The Most Prominent Personalities Who Lost Their Lives

2021 was a complicated year, marked by the departure of many people, and on the eve of saying goodbye to this cycle we remember with great respect the death of some personalities around the world.


  • 16: Phil Spector, 81 years old, American music producer of the Beatles, among others, deceased in prison where he was serving a sentence for murder.
  • 23: Larry King, 87 years old, American journalist and star of the CNN.


  • 05: Christopher Plummer, 91, Canadian actor, winner of an Oscar and a Golden Globe for best supporting actor for “Beginners.”
  • 08: Jean-Claude Carriére, 89 years old, French writer and screenwriter who collaborated extensively with Luis Buñuel.
  • 10: Larry Flynt, 78 years old, porn mogul and founder of the magazine “Hustler”.
  • 14: Carlos Menem, 90 years old, president of Argentina between 1989 and 1999 that marked a stage in the country with his neoliberal economic policy.
  • 15: Johnny pacheco, 85 years old, Dominican musician, composer and producer, one of the fathers of salsa.
  • 16: Gustavo Noboa, 83 years old, former president of Ecuador (2000-2003), architect of the dollarization of its economy.
  • 18: Violeta Dávalos, 52 years old, talented Mexican soprano.
  • 22: Lawrence Ferlinghetti, 101 years old, American poet and editor of the so-called “Beat Generation.”


  • 02: Bunny Wailer, 73, Jamaican singer and percussionist and reggae legend.
  • 09: James Levine, 77, musical director of the Metropolitan Opera of New York, splattered by scandal of sexual abuse.
  • 17: Vicente Rojo, 89 years old, artist, sculptor, painter, designer, draftsman, editor and cultural promoter, considered the greatest Mexican graphic designer.


  • 09: Prince philip, Duke of Edinburgh, 99 years old, husband of Queen Elizabeth II of England for more than 73 years.
  • 09: DMX, (Earl SIMMONS), 50 years old, American rapper.
  • 14: Bernard Madof, 82, sentenced to 150 years in prison in 2009 for the largest pyramid scheme in history.
  • 20: Idriss Deby, 68, president of Chad since 1991, wounded at the front by rebels after his sixth re-election.
  • 24: Alber Elbaz, 59 years old, Israeli-American designer, in charge of Lanvin for 14 years, died of COVID-19.


  • 04: Richard Ernst, 87 years old, Swiss Nobel Prize in Chemistry for the invention of Nuclear Magnetic Resonance.
  • 17: Kenneth Kaunda, 97 years old, nicknamed the “African Gandhi” and considered the father of Zambian independence, who presided between 1964 and 1991.
  • 29: Delia Fiallo, 96 years old, Cuban soap opera writer, author of hits like “Cristal” or “Kassandra”.
  • 30: Donald Rumsfeld, 88, head of the Pentagon with George W. Bush, controversial architect of the war in Afghanistan and the invasion of Iraq.


  • 05: Raffaella Carrá, 78 years old, Italian singer and presenter, very popular also in Spain and Latin America.
  • 07: Dilip Kumar, 98 years old, star of the golden age of Indian cinema.
  • 07: Carlos Alberto ‘Lole’ Reutemann, 79 years old, successful Argentine Formula 1 driver, with 12 wins and 45 podiums.
  • 28: Johnny ventura, 81 years old, Dominican singer and songwriter, one of the greatest exponents of merengue.


  • 09: Patricia Hitchcock, 93 years old, British actress, only child of Alfred Hitchcock and Alma Reville.
  • 20: Raoul Cauvin, 82 years old, Belgian comic writer.
  • 24: Hissène Habre, 79 years old, former president of Chad (1982-1990), died of COVID-19 in Senegal where he was incarcerated for crimes against humanity.
  • 24: Charlie Watts, 80 years old, drummer for the Rolling Stones.
  • 29: Jacques Rogge, 79 years old, Belgian, President of the International Olympic Committee (2001-2013).
  • 29: Lee “Scratch” Perry, 85 years old, Jamaican musician and producer of Bob Marley.


  • 02: Mikis Theodorakis, 96 years old, composer of “Zorba the Greek” and symbol of the resistance to the dictatorship of the colonels.
  • 06: Jean-Paul Belmondo, 88 years old, legend of French cinema.
  • 11: Abimael guzman, 86 years old, founder of the Maoist armed group Sendero Luminoso, nicknamed the “Pol Pot de los Andes”, died in prison where he was serving a life sentence and was cremated by the Peruvian government.
  • 17: Abdelaziz Bouteflika, 84 years old, president of Algeria between 1999 and 2019.
  • 24: Angel Ortuño, 52 years old, poet from Jalisco, author of more than five collections of poems.


  • 13: Agnes Tirop, 25 years old, Kenyan athlete with double world medal of 10,000 meters, stabbed to death. Her husband is accused.
  • 18: Colin Powell, 84, the first African-American to lead the defense and diplomacy of the United States.


  • 06: Marília Mendonca, 26 years old, Brazilian singer, winner of the Latin Grammy, died in a plane crash.
  • 11: Frederik De Klerk, 85, the last white president of South Africa who precipitated the end of apartheid by liberating Nelson Mandela, with whom he shares a Nobel Peace Prize.
  • 28: Almudena Grandes, 61 years old, reference of Spanish literature who became known with the controversial and successful erotic novel “The ages of Lulú”.
  • 28: Frank Williams, 79 years old, founder of the Williams F1 Team, one of the most famous teams in the history of Formula 1.


  • 09: Carmen Salinas placeholder image, 82 years old, actress, producer and Mexican politician.
  • 11: Anne Rice, 80 years old, American writer of fantasy and vampire novels, including “Interview with a vampire.”
  • 12: Vicente Fernandez, 81 years old, king of Mexican popular song and star of the mariachi orchestras.
  • 16: Lucia Hiriart, 98 years old, widow of former Chilean dictator Augusto Pinochet.
  • 18: Richard Rogers, 88 years old, British architect pioneer of the “high-tech” movement and co-creator of the Pompidou Center in Paris.
  • 26: EO Wilson, 92 years old, great American scientist expert on ants and internationally recognized as “Darwin’s natural heir.”

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